[lltx] quietening lualatex console output

Arno Trautmann Arno.Trautmann at gmx.de
Sat Jan 29 11:25:45 CET 2011

Philipp Stephani wrote:
> Am 29.01.2011 um 05:04 schrieb Will Robertson:
>> Hi,
>> When I run a unicode-math document with LuaLaTeX, here's the console output I get purely related to loading the various Lua stuff:
>> (/usr/local/texlive/2010/texmf-dist/tex/luatex/luaotfload/luaotfload.sty
>> […]
>> Is there any way to make this quieter? (Can lua files be loaded from lua without being printed in the console output?)
> I think LuaTeX should aim for more sane output in general, similar to other non-TeX compilers. That means:
> - No printing of page numbers (already possible), file names (suggested in http://tracker.luatex.org/view.php?id=535) and similar nonsense. People who are interested in which files are loaded can use the filename recorder.
> - All messages use file:line:message style, even those that come from \write or Lua print() or texio.write()
> - \scrollmode (i.e. no user interaction) by default
> - Primitives or Lua functions for printing errors, warnings and informational messages
> - Getting rid of \errhelp
> - Messages are never broken across lines; every message is exactly one line; newline chars in messages are converted to spaces
> - No continuation of messages
> - No log file

What is wrong with the log file? It does not disturb anything as it does
not show up in the user interface, but is usefull. What will be gained
by no log?

> - Error messages go to stderr
> - No banner
> I don't think this has to be configurable. The current mess probably needs to stay for compatibility reasons, but a command line option --sane-output could be added that switches output to the sensible style GCC and most other compiler use.
> Another thing @Will: did you ever consider building a "LaTeX 2.2" format that is essentially LaTeX 2e with expl3 and the xpackages (and, for XeTeX and LuaTeX, fontspec) preloaded? That should not break anything, but it would make expl3 more attractive and reduce compilation times. Also, expl3 should probably move to the latex-base collection of TeX Live since it is nowadays required by important packages such as fontspec and siunitx.

I would absolutely love a LaTeX 2.2 … but what happened to 2.1? ;)
Given the fact that there is plenty of code in expl3, this would also
reduce the time spent in the preamble.


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