[lltx] luacolor bug

Damien Robert Damien.Robert__sent01 at normalesup.org
Fri Jan 21 17:08:23 CET 2011

>From Heiko Oberdiek, the Sat 11 Dec 2010 at 20:01:48 (+0100):
> > > luacolor breaks the Tex Ligatures. [...]
> I have already read it and have started experimenting, but no time
> to finish. At least it seems to work, if luacolor is loaded
> before fontspec.

Hi again, and thanks a lot for the answers by the way.

I have found a new case where luacolor break Tex Ligatures (and microtyping
I think), even if it is loaded before fontspec:

\setmainfont{Latin Modern Roman}                                              

Using \let\newattribute\newluatexattribute
before luacolor does not work.

The funny thing is that a workaround is to load xcolor before fontspec
(this is funny because I would have though it would require to be loaded
before luacolor).

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