[lltx] quietening lualatex console output

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Feb 22 10:05:32 CET 2011

Le 21/02/2011 23:01, Philipp Stephani a écrit :
> I'm CC'ing to the list, hope that's ok.
Sure, that was my intention, but I obviously hit the wrong key.

>> Future versions of luatexbase may be packed in only one sty file and one lua
>> file, which would reduce output.
> That would be nice, but only as a temporary solution. (Imagine a
> recommendation for C++ programmers to put their complete code in one
> file—such a suggestion would be immediately dismissed as absurd.)

I agree.

> LuaTeX
> should really print file names only if the user requests it, and even then in
> a readable format without parentheses etc.
I agree too, but I don't want to spend much time on it now. I'd rather wait for
the announced overhaul of the error system in LuaTeX itself with new Lua
interfaces. I'm confident Taco and the LuaTeX team will do something nice as
usual, and I don't see any good reason to try doing the same thing in a hacky
way now. At least I won't spend time on it myself.

> If there is any possibility, this should be turned off. The Rule of Silence
> says: When a program has nothing surprising to say, it should say nothing.
> So, ideally, running lualatex on a file that produces no errors or warnings
> should not output any single character.

I kinda agree (with the limitations expressed by Khaled: the program has to give
feedback if processing is going to take a while), but currently it seems more
natural to me to be consistent with TeX.

> When I have lots of time (i.e. probably never), I plan to investigate how far silencing can go:
> - \GenericError etc. can be overwritten to produce sensible messages (file-line-error style, no line breaks)
> - LuaTeX already has the possibility to suppress page number printing
> - One could switch to \batchmode and then back for every error and warning, but I consider that a hack
Of course you're free to experiment, and I'll be glad to follow your experiments
if you do, but as far as I'm concerned, I'll wait for a newer LuaTeX rather than
hack my way around the current TeX.


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