[lltx] endless loop

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Thu Feb 17 20:25:20 CET 2011

Am 17.02.2011 um 14:12 schrieb Ulrike Fischer:

> Am Thu, 17 Feb 2011 13:53:36 +0200 schrieb Khaled Hosny:
>>>> I wounder why everyone is encountering it just now (this is like
>>>> the fifth report) though the bug have been there for ages.
>>> The bug happens only when there is no name database at all, so it doesn't happen
>>> if you used a previous version of luaotfload. It happens only on new
>>> installations and when you remove all cache files.
>> I know, it is just interesting how many people run into this just now
>> though it have been laying there for months.
> The example of Patrick suggests that he tried to investigate a
> problem involving feature files (mentioned first on
> tex.stackexchange and now also on luatex.user-list). You must delete
> the temp-file when you change the fea-file. Perhaps he deleted the
> cache too. 

Actually I don't remember if I deleted the cache. I do that once in a while when experimenting with luaotfload.


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