[lltx] [luatex] strange pdf

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Tue Feb 8 16:52:40 CET 2011

Le 08/02/2011 16:10, Elie Roux a écrit :
> Hello,
> on http://norgz.guiling.fr/optima/ is a strange pdf : it shows well 
> with xpdf and poppler, but on Acrobat Reader (latest versions of Linux 
> and Windows), the italic words show up regular... Is it a bug in 
> LuaTeX, fontspec, luaotfload or Acrobat Reader? I don't really know 
> where to start as I'm far from being a pdf expert... In the same 
> directory are the log file as well as the fonts with which I had this 
> behaviour.

Unfortunately the fonts can't be accessed.
- make the same document with XeTeX, or even with OpenOffice or whatever 
(and turn it into a PDF in the later case); if the trouble remains, it 
comes from Acrobat or the font. Otherwise, the trouble comes from the 
packages or LuaTeX, so:
- Remove fontspec, i.e. use luaotfload directly: \input luaotfload.sty 
\font\myfont{Optima-Oblique.otf}, etc. If the problem remains:
- Load the font by yourself, without luaotfload.sty 
(http://wiki.luatex.org/index.php/Use_a_TrueType_font). If the problem 
remains: you have a bug.


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