[lltx] [luatex] Tracking feature with microtype and LuaTeX

Robert w.m.l at gmx.net
Tue Feb 8 16:43:35 CET 2011

[Sorry, Will, this was supposed to go to the lists]

On 07.02.11 12:48, Will Robertson wrote:
 > Robert, have you any idea what is required in fontspec to achieve
 > this?

In this case, it was simply a bug in microtype (see my other mail). The 
basic things should already work.

However, both packages could indeed be integrated better. At the moment, 
microtype still uses the pdftex primitives to set up the fonts (\lccode 
etc.), while fontspec of course loads and modifies them in lua. The 
following would be conceptually cleaner, and probably also faster:
  * fontspec would call microtype just before loading the font,
  * microtype would then return a lua configuration table for this font,
  * and fontspec would pass this table to luaotfload (instead of 
luaotfload's "default" ones, which are really not very good IMHO)

In fontspec, this would probably only require the addition of one line. 
Unfortunately for me, the bulk of the changes would have to be made in 
microtype. And I won't be able to even start working on this before 
March ...


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