[lltx] [luatex] Tracking feature with microtype and LuaTeX

Till A. Heilmann till.heilmann at unibas.ch
Sun Feb 6 22:27:34 CET 2011

With the new microtype beta 5, the above minimal example works. Thank  
you for your help--and, obviously, for all the fantastic work you  
guys are putting into Lua(La)TeX and the packages!

Things are different (and much more complicated) for my real life  
book project, though. In this particular and rather complex case, I  
cannot seem to get it right. It is difficult to explain in detail,  
but I will try to show some of the problems bothering me with two  
other (almost) minimal examples.

Consider this file first ...

\setmainfont{TeX Gyre Bonum}

The code works just the way I want it: The tracking feature of  
microtype is enabled and fonts are not letterspaced in general but  
only in specified cases (e.g. serif fonts in size 8pt).

What I do not understand is why

a) I have to load the fontenc package (line 5) with option T1 (I keep  
reading loading fontenc is not necessary with fontspec)

and why

b) I need to set Bonum as \rmdefault with \renewcommand (line 7): is  
\setmainfont not supposed to handle this?

Without fontenc, tracking works but the document is set not in Bonum  
but in Computern Modern. Without \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{qbk},  
neither the tracking works nor is Bonum used.

As a consequence, I load fontenc but this, in turn, breaks some of my  
characters: Consider the second file ...

\setmainfont{TeX Gyre Bonum}
ß … –

Now, Bonum is not used and the sharp S, the ellipsis, and the en dash  
are set wrong (or not at all), apparently because fontenc *is* loaded  
(line 3). Without loading fontenc, it works just fine (and no need  
for a \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{qbk} either).

I'm confused.
Dr. Till A. Heilmann

Institut für Medienwissenschaft
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