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Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Nov 9 19:20:14 CET 2010

Le 09/11/2010 18:54, Stephan Hennig a écrit :
> Oh, I didn't meant to say all line breaks will turn out different when 
> switching from pdfTeX to LuaTeX.  But for LuaTeX, in contrast to other 
> engines, identical typesetting results for legacy documents have not 
> been a design goal.  LaTeX users switching to LuaTeX should keep that in 
> mind.

> Sources of incompatibility that I know:
> [snipped interesting details]
> Which of these items is an edge-case is hard to tell.  From an 
> algorithmic point of view all of these are surely edge-cases.  But from 
> a document designer's point of view, any of that might just affect you.
Thanks for the details and examples. I think you're right that what one might
call edge cases from an implementation perspective is not so unlikely to happen
in practice.

>> The patterns are the same for XeTeX and LuaTeX.
> Sure.  I was aiming at LaTeX users switching from traditional TeX or 
> pdfTeX to LuaTeX.  I know of at least one language where there are 
> different patterns used by traditional and modern engines (German, 
> incidentally).

>> So, the only important source of differences is the fonts that may not be
>> selected the same way and are never used in exactly the same way (there is a
>> fundamental difference between XeTeX and LuaTeX here indeed).
> Are you actually focusing on differences between XeTeX and LaTeX?
Well, that's not the goal of the document, but for some reason that's what I was
thinking about when I wrote the above paragraph... which is not so relevant
after all.

>> I'm not saying there are no differences, but for the moment I'm hesitating to
>> mention them since the extent isn't very clear to me.
> It isn't very clear to me too, but then again, mentioning possible 
> incompatibilities in the document should put you (and the users) on the 
> safe side.  Going into detail with examples isn't necessary, I think.
I already added a small paragraph about that:


I'll consider improving this paragraph later using the informations in your
email. I agree that examples are maybe not necessary, but knowing a bit more
about the differences might help to imagine how likely it is that they actually
affect one's documents.

Thanks again,

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