[lltx] Can luatex auto-run mkluatexfontdb ?

Khaled Hosny khaledhosny at eglug.org
Tue May 18 17:34:17 CEST 2010

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 09:14:35PM +0000, Karl Berry wrote:
>     > osx:
>     > /System/Library/Fonts//;/Network/Library/Fonts//;/Library/Fonts//
>       You probably also want $HOME/Library/Fonts// there.
> I am not enthused about embedding system directories in our texmf.cnf,
> which will inevitably change without warning with os releases, cause
> weird problems/slowdowns for some users because their setups aren't the
> same as yours, etc.

AFAIK, those are the only documented font directories by Apple and
Microsoft and are unlikely to change or be different between OS versions
etc. I also, naively, thought that since texmf.cnf is a configuration
file it is more appropriate place to store such configuration items
rather than hardcoding them into luaotfload, and in is easier to update
a configuration file than releasing a new version of a package, or so I

> OSFONTDIR is there because Hans wanted it, that's the only reason.  I
> guess some part of context setup/invocation sets it.  I think any
> determination of the value should be done by some os-specific tool (that
> TL does not maintain), not just a random hardwired list.

It is your decision, but the list is not random, both are extracted from
Apple and MS published documentation.

> Maybe whatever context does can be extracted into a more general tool.
> I dunno.  All I know is, I don't want to go there for the generic TL
> release.  Sorry.

AFAIK, context just checks if OSFONTDIR is set, which is essentially
what we do (context doesn't use kpse, so there is little to be shared


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