[lltx] [Fwd: Re: new tlmgr action]

Elie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Mon May 10 13:10:39 CEST 2010


I think the main issue is timing here... let's discuss about it.

If I understand correctly, there is a version of luatexbase that is 
compatible with old versions of packages (it didn't work with me, but 
now that I have a version working, I don't really want to report bugs on 
the other), and there is also a new one introducing incompatible 
changes, like not writing in the callback nor tex table except for 
overriding callback.register. I totally agree with this changes. Where I 
disagree is when we should introduce those changes. If they are to be 
made (I think everyone agrees on it), why not changing it now, we have 
plenty of time to fix the other packages according to these changes. If 
we delay it, this will introduce the incompatible changes for TeXLive 
2011 or even worse in an update of TeXLive 2010, which will mean more 
and more package incompatibilities... The best solution according to me 
is to fix everything now. Frankly we have time to do so before TeXLive 
2010 and if we do this we'll all be able to test. With the solution we 
have now, only you are able to test, and you didn't spot all the 
possible bugs (especially the huge one from 
this gives me a bad feeling about pushing a version in TeXLive 2010 that 
noone tested except for you. Also, the reason I took the master branch 
is that in the master of luatextra, luamcallback dissapeared, but it is 
called by the compatible version of luatexbase, which means that the 
compatible version of luatexbase is in fact incompatible with the new 
version of luatextra... it certainly makes a lot of sense to you, but 
frankly, that's why Khaled and me call it a blur situation... If there 
is a file renaming to make, why don't we do it now? TeXLive 2010 is not 
frozen yet, we should put the incompatible changes in it and test it! 
Making a "compatible" version that is incompatible with the future and 
that noone will test is complete nonsense to me...

Summing up, I don't agree to work on several versions of all the 
packages at the same time, we should push all the (incompatible) changes 
now and test against the LuaTeX of TeXLive 2010. Otherwise you'll be 
alone to know the details of the compatibilities... But if I understand 
your last mail correctly, you're in the TeXLive team so you're the 
boss... I'm fine with it, I have a working version on my computer now, I 
can finally work.

Thank you,

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