[lltx] [Fwd: Re: new tlmgr action]

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Mon May 10 11:02:13 CEST 2010

Le 10/05/2010 10:49, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard a écrit :
> Le 10/05/2010 10:38, Elie Roux a écrit :
>> Khaled Hosny a écrit :
>>> I myself didn't upgrade, because I, again, have no clear view of the
>>> situation, and I don't want to break my semi-working system farther.
>> The masters of khaledhosny/luaotfload, mpg/luatextra and
>> eroux/luatexbase should be working together now... I added everyone to
>> eroux/luatexbase, so feel free to push if something doesn't work!
> Could everyone please wait a few hours and *discuss* and try to *understand*
> what is going on before forking/coding too much?


> Adding some functions in callback, in order to keep a bit of
> compatibility for now with the different versions of the packages.

Did you read my previous mails? Did you read "summary of incompatible
changes between 0.1x and 0.2" in the Changes file? 0.2 is *not* meant to
be backward compatible! It stopped writing things in the callback table
on purpose.

You want to do collaborative development? Fine. Please make the effort
to understand what is going on. Then I'll add you as a commiter to
luatexbase. But not when you fix non-bugs in the wrong branch.


PS: I promised all of you yesterday I'll post an update on the situation today,
and I'll actively fi whatever bug is reported to the right branch. You didn't
listen, you didn't want to wait for even a few hours and discuss, now you're
wasting your time and mine with commits to the wrong branch.

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