[lltx] luatextra split up

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Sun Mar 28 16:14:18 CEST 2010

Hi folks,

As discussed a few months ago, I finally split luatextra up in many packages.
Now there are three git repos:
- luatextra, holding the luatextra package
- luaextra, holding the luaextra script collection
- luatexbase, holding the luatexbase bundle

Luatexbase contains the low-level features that used to be in luatextra, mainly
resource management. It is again split up in several packages, see the readme.
The new luatextra is now merely a wrapper around the others, with a few goodies,
compatibility stuff, and things that may move to luamcallbacks some day.

For you convenience, I prepared a tds archive at http://tug.org/~mpg/packages/
holding everything in the "stable" version. If you suppress your current
luatextra installation [1], and install this zip instead, everything should
continue working as it used to, since I tried to avoid incompatible changes for
now. Please install it, give it some testing, and let me know if there are any

[1] find /path/to/texmf -type d -name luatextra -exec rm -r {} +

For now, I've just done a big cleanup, fixed bugs, and adapted packaging for
luatexbase-*. I'm now starting to make incompatible changes in the master branch
of luatexbase and luatextra so I recommend you keep the version form the above
zip for now; I'll let you know when it's more stable again and worth testing.

The overall plan is to: (1) fix obvious problems and make some improvements to
luatexbase (2) engage in a discussion with Heiko in order to merge his
luatex.sty and luatexbase (3) then aim at stabilizing luatexbase before TL10 so
that it can be used as a solid base for future development.


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