[lltx] [fontspec] selecting font features has no effect?

Élie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Tue Mar 30 14:03:46 CEST 2010

2010/3/30 Diederick C. Niehorster <dcnieho at gmail.com>:
> --- otfl-names.lua:
> {
>   ["checksum"]="F342E0175B3F2F8E22AF2FA67EB88D92",
>   ["familyname"]="ArnoPro",
>   ["filename"]="arnopro-italic.otf",
>   ["fontname"]="ArnoPro-Italic",
>   ["fontstyle_name"]="Italic",
>   ["fullname"]="Arno Pro Italic",
>   ["names"]={
>    ["family"]="arnopro",
>    ["fullname"]="ArnoPro-Italic",
>    ["psname"]="ArnoPro-Italic",
>    ["subfamily"]="Italic",
>   },
>   ["size"]={ 120, 140, 110 },
>   ["slant"]=-11,
>   ["weight"]=400,
>   ["width"]=5,
>  }

Which otfl-names is it? Are you sure it is the one actually used by
luaotfload? It never looks into the current directory (maybe it
should?) and it looks first in the local directory then in the sys
directory. Please try to remove all otfl-names.lua and to install only
one in the local directory to see if you have the same result.

Thank you,

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