[lltx] luatexbase

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Fri Jan 22 11:30:14 CET 2010

Khaled Hosny a écrit :
> True, that is another reason we should concentrate on getting things
> done first, then worry about version compatibility later. It doesn't
> make any sense to talk about backward incompatibility with half
> working/half broken, feature incomplete packages.

>> Concerning TL, I'll discuss with Karl if we can just blacklist lualatex stuff
>> from our update detection script, so that we can update to CTAN: it would make
>> things easier to test for more users, and I think we'll need testing.
> Good idea.
Ok, I'll keep you posted. Technically, it's not hard at all.

> Lets hope we'll get things done by time, my todo list is starting to
> collapse, hopefully we wll have time to stabilize things and do more
> testing.
I hope so! OTOH, TL'10 is not yet in finalisation phase.

> That was actually the point, it should load the relevant packages
> according to the engine used, though I'm still not sure if it is a good
> idea; we don't want to get limited by XeTeX (being the least common
> denominator here, flexibility wise). I think François's modern-latex is
> much better, if we decided to go one common package for different
> engines route.
I tend to like modern-latex indeed. The only drawback with this kind of name is,
in 15 years, when LuaTeX has been the standard for years and some other
bleeding-edge engine is under heavy development, "modern" will sound weird :-)
But I don't think we need to worry a lot about this, since latex3 will be
finished in the meanwhile and offer built-in support for modern engines, right ? ;-)


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