[lltx] luacolor bug

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Dec 14 05:54:17 CET 2010

Le 10/12/2010 22:02, Damien Robert a écrit :
> 1) A bug in latextra:
> \documentclass{minimal} \usepackage{luatextra} \begin{document} 
> \setromanfont{Latin Modern Roman} Test \setmainfont{Latin Modern Roman} Test 
> \fontspec{Latin Modern Roman} Test \end{document}
> This document prints some \@tempswatrue\@tempswafalse on the document after 
> each call to fontspec. A workaround is to load fontspec before luatextra.
I implemented this workaround in luatextra for now, by loading fontspec earlier.
Version 1.0.1, with this workaround, is on its way to CTAN.

Without going to full details, the core problem is the following: fontspec loads
expl3, which loads luatex.sty, but also loads luaotfload, which loads
luatexbase. Currently, luatex.sty and luatexbase are incompatible, since they
define/patch mostly the same macros. (Heiko and I plan to fix this some day, in
case it wasn't obvious.)


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