[lltx] bidi package extended for LuaLaTeX

Vafa Khalighi vafa at users.berlios.de
Sun Apr 4 14:07:10 CEST 2010

> What works for me should work for other users, if not, then they are
> using the wrong package.

No, you can not expect evveryone to think like you. I guess that would not
be really fair.

> Simply documenting the fact that right and left
> is to be treated start/end is a lot easier than writing a 1000 lines of
> obscure code that I can't really test all use cases of it; the less code
> the less bugs.

Maybe easier, but it would be full of mistakes and ignoring RTL
typographical conventions. Proper bidi implementation is not easy, this is
something I said in the first place, doing things consistently costs time,
energy and testing.

> Then it is a Persian not a general bidi issue, a Persian specific
> package would do that, and I was talking about real technical books
> typeset in the most prestigious print houses in the Arabic world (both
> contemporary or as old as beginnings of the last century).
Persian is a vital part of RTL. Any RTL implementation, should respect all
RTL scripts. Let's not ignore the fact that Persian and Persians have had a
lot of influence on science, and the language. Khawarazmi (a Persian
mathematician) was the father of algebra, the word algorithm is the
latinisation of his name, something that enabeled Knuth to make TeX.

Best wishes,
Vafa Khalighi

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