[latexrefman] Document \NewCommandCopy, etc.

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Dec 21 23:21:10 CET 2021

Hi Brian,

    So far I am not finding user-level documentation for \NewCommandCopy and
    related.  This could be added to LATEX2e: An unofficial reference manual.

Yes, thanks for the suggestion. Almost nothing from the "recent" expl3
world has been written. For that matter, not all of latex2e is covered.
The document started in latex 2.09 days, and never enough time ... do
you have any time/interest in contributing?

    I shall also open an issue for the LaTeX Project to add it to
    usrguide3: New LaTeX methods for authors.

Good. I'm sure they will get to it first :). I didn't even know about
that document ... --thanks, karl.

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