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Bob solimeno at gmail.com
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Here's my first submission to the mailing list, hoping that an attached
text file works.

Hello Jim and Karl - Thanks for this challenge.

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19.11 \bigskip & \medskip & \smallskip

	The TeX skip register prefix.  TeX has 256 skip registers: \skip0 to 
	\skip255. Each of these may hold ‘glue,’ or an adjustable white 
	space. Registers used by LaTeX allocate space for commands like 
	bigskip & \medskip & \smallskip. LaTeX itself allocates 31 \skip 
	registers and that list may expand depending upon the document class 
	in use, e.g. report class adds two \skip registers: 
	\abovecaptionskip and \belowcaptionskip. Packages may add many more.


	This (math mode) macro takes its contents and prints it as if its 
	height and depth were zero. It is defined in both plain TeX and 
	Usage (from 'The TeXbook' p. 178):

		'\smash{<subformula>}', "... yields the same result as 
		'{<subformula>}' but makes the height and depth zero. By using both 
		\smash and \vphantom any subformula you can typeset any subformula and 
		give it any desired nonnegative height and depth. For example:
		produces a large operator that says 'lim sup', but its height 
		and depth are those of \liminf (i.e. the depth is zero)."


	Defined in LaTeX as {\mathrel{\smash-}} and produces a long bar. 
	This macro uses \smash, because - (minus) has the same height as + (plus).
		% Making  a longer right arrow

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