[latexrefman] Add mirroring.html

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Sep 24 01:25:55 CEST 2018

Hi Jim,

    it has CSS for "LaTeX"

Sorry to report it looks terrible in my browser, just like all attempted
CSS for the TeX logos I have ever seen. I continue to believe all such
is better omitted.

    I added horizontal rules to the bottom of the html files in the split.
    [...] makes more sense out of the link at the page bottom.

I agree.

    Sorry for the noise of all those files changing 

Totally normal.

    I was hoping it could be linked-to from the home page.

I added a link to http://puszcza.gnu.org.ua/software/latexrefman/, if
that's what you meant. We can tweak as needed. (Feel free to cvs commit
changes/additions in the "web repo" for puszcza project.)

Maybe it should also be mentioned in the "About this document" node,
and/or linked from the top latexref.xyz handwritten text? Presumably
many more people would see it there than the obscure home page.

I also wonder about making the "home page" something more memorable,
like "home.latexref.xyz" or "project.latexref.xyz" or something.
I don't know. We can think about it.

I see I forgot to change the DocumentRoot of https://latexref.xyz to the
split tree (had only changed http). Done now.

FYI, I'm going to be essentially offline, not expecting to read email,
this whole next week Mon-Fri (family visit). Do as you see fit in all
regards :). Talk to you on the other side ... --thanks, karl.

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