[latexrefman] Added html files from "make htmlsplit"

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Sep 21 17:56:14 CEST 2018

I changed http://latexref.xyz/ setup so that it goes to the new split
html tree.

I'll look at automating the deletions/additions when I have a chance.
(I've done that before, for the tl-update-bindir script, among others.)

I wonder if the url tinkering could profitably use "@" instead of "at".
I don't think @ is noticeably problematic as far as the web goes.

Re CTAN, agreed, but doesn't seem like a priority. I can imagine going
in two directions: 1) delete it (explaining CTAN is not LaTeX reference
material), or 2) make it part of a little more "introduction to the TeX
world" material. Maybe underneath the "About this document" chapter.
I don't think CTAN should be a chapter on its own.


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