[latexrefman] split the .html's also?

Hefferon, Jim S. jhefferon at smcvt.edu
Thu Jul 5 19:01:31 CEST 2018

About making the latex2e-reference obsolete ...

1) Maybe we should credit the reference at the top of the current doc?  I don't know who is the person, though.

2) There are a number of sites that host the reference's .html pages (and the first page's also).  These are split, so there is an .html for each subsection, instead of one big one.  I'm wondering if it might make sense to provide a bundle of those?

Advantages: they load fast, if you make a link to the entire page then the person that you send that link can find the information easily, the bundle could just be something that a person dumps in an html dir, and we could provide some minimal styling (they look a lot better, even with just a mimimal amout of color).  Google favors sites that load fast, and people who are now hosting a collection of .html's might go for a replacement collection over one big page (a person can wish).

Disadvantages: one more thing to worry about, cannot ^F to search the entire doc.

As an experiment I made pages.  Here is a typical one.


As I say, it loads fast.  I also did a very minimal amount of CSS styling.

I committed the Makefile change (it needs work; the current date is hard-wired).  Just an experiment; it is easy enough to undo it. I wonder what people think? 



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