[latexrefman] Graphics package description added

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 22:43:22 CET 2018

Just for the information, my Spanish is a little rusty, I am afraid that 
it is not good enough to make any update.

I think that the only thing that we could decently do with the Spanish 
is align the node structure, and insert some @c xxx comments telling 
TODO things.

Maybe it is completely useless however, the documents have so much 
drifted away, that anyhow, anyone taking on the Spanish manual would 
have to make a node by node comparison.


Le 14/03/2018 à 22:20, Karl Berry a écrit :
>      Subject: [latexrefman] Graphics package description added
> So excellent!
>      Am I right that at this point the distribution is
>      English only and French only?
> Vincent has been the only person updating the Spanish also, so he
> knows. It's fine, probably preferable, for you to just make the English
> release and Vincent to do the French release. When the time comes.
> No rush.
> Thanks for carrying on, you two. -k

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