[latexrefman] Added trivlist

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Feb 18 23:51:14 CET 2018

    I also generate diffs from the .pdf and from the
    .html, which are not useful.  Is there any way to turn those off?

No, it's not under your (or my) control, and there is no particularly
good way to do it even if we had access to the server. On tug.org, I do
control the commit mail and the repository configurations and everything
else, and per-project tinkering with the commit mail is not fun.

Most people do not commit such derived files in the first place.
However, I find it useful to be able to see what others created, and
more importantly (I hope) it is useful for those few users/readers who
might want to get the current version and actually use it. That's my
theory anyway ... --best, karl.

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