[latexrefman] Document structure [was: \@startsection]

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jul 31 23:53:40 CEST 2017

Re organization: in general, as I've said, I feel we could spend every
available minute shifting things around to no particular benefit. The
possibilities for lumping and splitting are endless. I think it is
better to spend time adding content (as you've both been doing, so
yay/thanks) than tweaking the organization.

That said, of course when that new content is added, we should do our
best to insert it in a reasonable structure. I already gave my thoughts
on \MakeUppercase (Special insertions), such as they were. If you want
to do something different, I won't quarrel.

Re \makeat..., what comes to mind is to have a new chapter (?!) on
"Customization" and/or "Programming". I do feel there is a difference
between describing usage of LaTeX features as they are provided in the
format, and changing them. For sure, we want to include info on such
customizations, but the programming infrastructure of LaTeX feels
different to me than basic syntax.

Regarding \@startsection, I think it is good to have it be its own
section associated with the sectioning commands. This is one case where
I think the new chapter on Sectioning is justified. There is plenty more
that could be added here eventually.

Lots more could be said, but I have to get back to TUGboat. Sorry. -karl

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