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Le 30/07/2017 à 18:10, Hefferon, James S. a écrit :
> I translated \@ifstar.
> In the English version I moved \@startsection to be under Sectioning.  Just seemed like that fit better.

I am not sure that this is a good idea. @ commands are supposed to be 
sort of commands for experts. Shouldn't we keep them apart as it was and 
place under Sectioning a forward reference to it.

Karl, what is your opinion ?

Let alone that when you change the document structure like that it makes 
it quite difficult for me to track the changes for the translation. 
Please be you that every time you change the structure you do not do any 
other change in the same revision.

IMHO there should be some warning node under the \makeatletter & 
makeatother node telling about the @ commands, this node should be 
referred to at the beginning of any @-command node.

Your example about \thesis at universityname seems to encourage hacking w/o 
any warning, we should reword that.  Here is the wanting

1) you are not supposed to change the definition of a private command 
within a package, this is hacking, so there might be consequence like
     - incompatibility with some LaTeX tools like TeX4ht or Hevea
     - non-futureproofness
2) If you define commands using macros2e @-commands in the preamble, 
this means that you are beginning to do fancy things, please consider 
making your commands re-usable for other documents and placing them in 
your own package.

> Jim
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