[latexrefman] \@startsection added to English

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 12:47:10 CEST 2017

Hello Jim,

No suprise that google-translate may have done strange thing. The French 
for section is rubrique, with the nuance that rubrique is a generic term 
that can apply to chapter, section, subsection, etc. There is no such 
word as rubricage in French, but I used it to translate sectionning, 
because anyway it is both concise and fully understandable --- I explain 
this in the README-fr

I will double-check your translation and the added information when 
times allow.

Concerning \@ifstar, I  have just made some upgrade of Makefile.1 and I 
see that there other inconsistency between node list:

$ alias make='make -f Makefile.1'

$ make compare-nodes-fr

gives out :

< \@@ifstar
 > \vline
< \vline
 > Footnotes of footnotes
 > Multiple reference to footnotes
 > \providecommand
< Non-English characters
 > Additional Latin letters
< License translation
Node list between fr and en differ


Le 26/07/2017 à 13:21, Hefferon, James S. a écrit :
> I translated the French to an English; Google translate did some strange things.  I  added some more details.  (I have in the past found this command to be one that needs *much* more documentation.  Who knew that the negative of 1pt plus 2pt minus 3pt is -1pt plus -2pt minus -3pt?)  I also added an example of putting in an entirely new sectioning unit, including the counters, marks, etc.
> I have not done \@ifstar yet.
> Jim
> --------------------
> The first thing that comes to mind is that the error message may be factually correct.
>    --Harald Hanche-Olsen

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