[latexrefman-discuss] CTAN Upload: latex2e-help-texinfo-fr

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at domain.hid
Sat Nov 19 23:45:38 CET 2016

Dear Karl,

This is the email which I was referring to in my previous post. Quite
some time has gone by and in the meantime you may well have changed your
mind. I am very busy these times for personal reasons, that is why I had
no opportunity to look after that earlier...


Le 13/04/2016 à 00:44, Karl Berry a écrit :
> Hi Vincent,
>     we should be consistent between Spanish and French.
> Definitely agreed.
>     Permission is granted to copy and distribute translations of this manual
>     into another language, under the above conditions for modified versions.
> You're right.  I forgot about that clause.
>     is to put the original English license in an Annex both for French and
>     Spanish, 
> I (strongly) think that the original English is what should be in the
> @copying block at the beginning, and your unofficial translations be in
> an appendix, labeled as such.
>     This document is distributed under the ``GNU documentation license''
>     which can be found in annexe license. Below is a translation thereof.
> This is not the current GNU documentation license (rather, it's the old
> one), so it would be confusing to call it that.  Better that we not make
> up a name for it, since it never had an official name.
> In practical terms I think that the license text should be in a separate
> license.texi ASCII file @include'd in each of the 3 documents, that
> would guarantee consistency and maintainability.
>     CTAN/Petra: Do I need to make a re-submission ASAP for the license
>     updates. 
> There's no need to re-release right away, but it would be good to
> re-upload with the license stuff corrected by the time TeX Live is
> released.
>     I had rather wait until June, 
> Do you mean May?  It's only April :).
>     because the versionning is on a month-per-month basis.
> No need to be restricted by that.  If you (ever) want to make a release
> within a month of the previous one, just change the @set UPDATED to
> include the day of the month.  In the past, it was just unnecessary to
> be that specific.
> thanks,
> karl

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