[latexrefman-discuss] Re-use LaTeX docs for DevDocs?

Karl Berry karl at domain.hid
Fri Nov 18 00:16:24 CET 2016


The latex2e.html (latexrefman in general) doc license has minimal
requirements -- essentially just to preserve the license notice. I don't
wish to interpret the use of latexrefman material with devdocs, or any
other software, as creating a "derived work", although it is arguable.

However, the latexrefman can't itself be relicensed to the MPL, because,
well, that's not the reality. (Not sure if that was being proposed.)

So my conclusion is that devdocs can put the latexrefman stuff in their
repo, in whatever way they want, and do with it as they will, as long as
the copyright/license notices on the latexrefman files themselves stays
as it is.

Hope that it works ... -k

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