[latexrefman-discuss] Fwd: REVIEW REQUEST - user manual generation

Gavin Smith gavinsmith0123 at domain.hid
Wed Jun 1 22:40:53 CEST 2016

On 10 May 2016 at 10:13, Vincent Belaïche <vincent.belaiche at domain.hid> wrote:
> Hello Gavin,
> Answering to myself: I had been a bit too hasty, patch #7 sent
> preivously was working properly, but the naming of variable
> _run_tex_in_input_funnies was not corresponding any longer to its
> content, so I have slightly modified the code for it to have the same
> meaning as before (as in patch #6).

I've committed something along these lines, but much simpler: notably,
> is always used as an end-group character, because it's simpler, and
also the shell feature to extract substrings from a variable isn't
portable, I think. I don't think it matters that > isn't supported in

Extract from output of:

 ../texi2dvi toto\$#\{\}~_\^%\&\^\^20.texi -V


../texi2dvi: Backing up xref files: toto$#{}~_^%&^^20.toc
../texi2dvi: Cycle 1 for ./toto$#{}~_^%&^^20.texi
../texi2dvi: ../texi2dvi: Running etex --file-line-error
'\bgroup\catcode62=2\relax' '\catcode`\$=12\relax'
'\catcode`\#=12\relax' '\catcode`\{=12\relax' '\catcode`\}=12\relax'
'\catcode`\~=12\relax' '\catcode`\_=12\relax' '\catcode`\^=12\relax'
'\catcode`\%=12\relax' '\catcode`\&=12\relax'

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