[latexrefman-discuss] latexrefman / ltxref.org

Karl Berry karl at domain.hid
Wed May 11 00:03:21 CEST 2016

    OK. We could modify the texi file so that it is written like this:

I strongly disagree with this continuing proliferation of macros =
obfuscation of our source, and, more importantly, don't think it would
help Patrick anyway.  Optional/non-optional is a minor point.  The
crucial point is that he is coming up with a single sentence to describe
features, and it would not make sense for us to try to write the exact
sentence he wants in our manual.  It's a different purpose.

Patrick, here's an idea: your site could have a link for each command to
the corresponding node in our manual.  You could either keep (and
update) a copy locally or, perhaps preferably, just link to our online
version.  Similarly, we will mention your site in our text, etc.


P.S. Section title: "Document classes", not "Documentclasses".

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