[latexrefman-discuss] Indices

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at domain.hid
Fri Apr 1 08:17:37 CEST 2016

I think that it would be valuable if we had an environment index and a
control character index.

environment index
Ok, not the environments are currently all subnodes of a single node,
but we should be free not to stick to this document organisation in the
future, we could classify the environments otherwise to group together
birds of a feather. Having an index for environment is valuable IMHO.

ctrl char index
The alphabetical order of ctrl char is hard to know. So it would be good
if they had an index of their own in addition to the command index. Ie
they would be in two indices. Since they are not so many, a separate
index would make it easier to find the information.


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