[latexrefman-discuss] bug in the ML version latex2e-help

Karl Berry karl at domain.hid
Sat Nov 14 01:35:15 CET 2015

    When I try to download it I get an error message.
    Sorry, the bug is in the downloading and not the file.

I guess you are referring to the link for English "TexinfoML", which
goes to 

When I go there in my browser, I get the error:
  XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
  Line Number 10, Column 22:
  <settitle spaces=" ">&latex;2e unofficial reference manual (October 2015)</settitle>)

I find this puzzling, since as far as I can tell the &latex; entity is
defined in the DTD, which is
(at line 1268).

In any case, latexrefman is just a standard Texinfo document, and we
created the xml in the standard way (makeinfo --xml).  So I'll have to
look into this from the Texinfo side.  That will take some time.

If you are seeing some other issue, please say exactly what the
problematic link is, and exactly what the error is.

Thanks for the report,

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