[latexrefman-discuss] concerning node tabular, ``between the lines''

Johannes Böttcher johannesbottcher at domain.hid
Sat Nov 7 09:19:35 CET 2015

On 11/07/2015 12:30 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
>      Package booktabs encourages users not to use vertical rules.
> The purpose of this manual is to concisely and clearly describe the
> features provided by LaTeX, not make value judgements.  (Personally, I
> find almost any table is best off with few or no rules, especially
> vrules, but that's irrelevant here.)
>      Concerning other packages, should they be mentioned (packages that
>      enhance core functionality) or not mentioned at all.
> I have included references to a few packages here and there, such as
> beamer and geometry.  When the practical reality is that a given package
> should almost always be used instead of/in addition to some core
> feature (slitex, [a4paper]), I think it is only helpful to say so.

I think the mentioning of other packages should be minimised, there are 
just too many out there.

The mention of booktabs and the vert rules was more of a sidenote and 
not to be considered as an addition to the project.

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