[latexrefman-discuss] \makelabels

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at domain.hid
Fri Oct 9 22:56:29 CEST 2015

Hello Jim,

>> Please have a look at node \makelabels in the French version, IMHO it
>> is more complete & more exact than that of the English version. Let me
>> know what you think about it.
>The automatic translation looks good to me.  Let's put it in.

Please feel free ;-) ...

>I have the idea that we are currently pouring content into the doc.  Not
>that I think I, or you, are doing a rush job, but rather that it seems
>to me a doc like this needs to get a certain critical mass, where the
>right structure becomes evident, before a person can think of it as
>frozen in some way.  I hope that is something like what others think?

Like Karl, I don't think that such a document has any end --- well as
long as we are alive.

As far as structure is concerned, I would like to clarify that my
motivation with latexrefman, is that contrary to other manuals the
information in Info navigation is incredibly faster to find, not any
network lag, not any navigator consuming time rendering the page in a
complex way... just plain text, that is suffcient.

So information availability, and inter-referencing is more important to
me than structure as such.

One more point, I am too busy completing the translation work to pour
too much of anything new. Currently this is 79% complete. I am content
with fixing small problems for the time being. In the future I may be
"pouring" more into the manual. I hope that you or Karl would be willing
translating my additions into the English version :-P :-)).

Anyway, we all have our own way of using LaTeX. When getting in contact
with some new manual, it is natural that you want to amend this or that
which you feel is missing, or not clear enough to you. May be that
"critical mass" you are talking about is rather when your stock of
discrepancies between latexrefman and



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