[latexrefman-discuss] @node tabular and \tabcolsep

Vincent Belaïche vincent.belaiche at domain.hid
Wed Aug 26 15:56:08 CEST 2015


In node tabular one can read the following:

  of 6pt comes before the first column as well as after the final
  column, unless you put a @code{@@@{..@}} or @code{|} there.

I do not agree about this that @code{|} would remove the \tabcolsep spacing,
this is just not true.

One more thing:

   This specifier is optional: unless you put in your own @@-expression

I would prefer to say `@code{@@@{..@}} expression' rather than

Fruthermore, I think that rather than saying that:

1) \tabcolsep is a misleading name for the intercolumn separation, and
2) there are additional \tabcolsep space before the first column and
   after the last one.

It would be better to say that tabcolsep name means that you consider
the separation of the column content text to the column edge, it is not
the inter-column separation but the text/edge separation that is
considered. Therefore:

1) in case of two immediately adjacent columns you have 2\tabcolsep
   between the texts of these columns : one is just before the
   intercolum boundary, and the second one is just after this
   boundary. When you have a vertical rule between columns then the two
   edges of the column are not on the same boundary but rather separated
   by this rule which is \arrayrulewidth wide, so the total separation
   between the texts is now


2) one \tabcolsep is just before the text of leftmost column, ie between
   text and left edge of the leftmost column, and one \tabcolsep is just
   after the text or rightmost column, ie between text and right edge of
   the rightmost column.

An example would help: e.g. a format like `|p{1cm}|p{3cm}|' is in total width:

        4\tabcolsep + 3\arrayrulewidth + 4cm

Finally, concerning the `@{...}' specifier, I don't like very much the
use of @var{text or space} symbol, because:

1) I don't like these spaces in the symbol name, not the `space' word as
   such, but that you have two spaces, one between `text' and `or' and
   one between `or' and `space'

2) It would be better just to use @var{text} and say that @var{text} may
   contain text, space, or _even be empty_. Beside and empty text, ie
   `@{}' is useful if you just want to remove the \tabcolsep('s) as this


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