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Sat Dec 19 03:19:08 CET 2020

Author: karl
Date: 2020-12-19 04:19:08 +0200 (Sat, 19 Dec 2020)
New Revision: 861

reinsert intro by hand; code in src/easyurls.py
is not working for me.

Modified: trunk/latex2e-help-texinfo-tree/latex2e/index.html
--- trunk/latex2e-help-texinfo-tree/latex2e/index.html	2020-12-18 19:15:03 UTC (rev 860)
+++ trunk/latex2e-help-texinfo-tree/latex2e/index.html	2020-12-19 02:19:08 UTC (rev 861)
@@ -104,11 +104,60 @@
+<div class='intro'>
+<p>This is a reference manual for LaTeX.
+If you want a tutorial, please see
+<a href='https://ctan.org/topic/tut-latex'>this list</a>.</p>
+Our goal is to document all (non-private) LaTeX commands.
+See below for the 
+<a href='#SEC_Overview'>Table of Contents</a>.
+This version of the manual has separate web pages for each
+section or subsection.
+It's also available in
+<a href="https://latexref.xyz/dev/latex2e.html">a single page version</a>
+and as <a href="https://latexref.xyz/dev/latex2e.pdf">pdf</a>.</p>
+Your comments and contributions, including bug reports, are very welcome.
+<a href='https://latexref.xyz/dev/'>Our project page</a>
+has more information, including
+<a href='https://latexref.xyz/dev/#license'>license information</a>.
+We also provide information on how you can 
+<a href='https://latexref.xyz/dev/mirroring.html'>mirror this manual</a>,
+and <a href='https://latexref.xyz/dev/writing.html'>contribute to it</a>.
+This document is not official.
+It has not been reviewed by the LaTeX maintainers.</p>
+<i>A note about links.</i>
+Some characters are troublesome on the web.
+One such character is backslash and so our
+page for the <code>\rule</code> command 
+is named
+<a href='_005crule.html'><code>_005crule.html</code></a>.
+(the hexadecimal representation of backslash is 005c).
+You may find easier to remember our alternative page names, in this case
+<a href='bs-rule.html'><code>bs-rule.html</code></a>.
+These alternatives 
+replace space with a dash, `<code>-</code>', 
+replace backslash with `<code>bs</code>' and a dash,
+replace @ with `<code>at</code>' and a dash, 
+and replace & with `<code>and</code>' and a dash.
+For instance, you can reach the page describing
+<code>\@startsection</code> with 
+<a href='bs-at-startsection.html'><code>bs-at-startsection.html</code></a>.
 <span id="SEC_Overview"></span>
 <h2 class="shortcontents-heading">Short Table of Contents</h2>

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