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 ideal, but I'll take anything.
+<p>The document is currently available in French, thanks to Vincent
+Belaïche, and in Spanish, thanks to Nacho Pacheco.  A new
+maintainer for the Spanish is needed.  Translations to additional
+languages would also be most welcome.
 <h3>Contributions wanted</h3>
 <p>Reading through the document will turn up plenty of desirable
@@ -80,16 +88,15 @@
 will show a few of the areas that need work.
-<p>Translations of the document are also very welcome.  Thanks to Nacho
-Pacheco for the original Spanish translation (a new maintainer for
-Spanish is needed), and Vincent Belaïche for updates to the Spanish
-and creating a French translation (among many other improvements).
-<p>Please email any material to latexrefman-discuss at domain.hid (<a
+<h3>Mailing lists</h3>
+<p>Please email contributions or anything else to
+latexrefman-discuss at domain.hid (<a
 <a href="https://mail.gna.org/public/latexrefman-discuss/">archive</a>).
-Any bug reports, suggestions, or discussion of whatever sort is also
-welcome there.
+Any bug reports, suggestions, or discussion of whatever sort are welcome
 <p>The other mailing list is latexrefman-commits at domain.hid (<a
@@ -97,6 +104,16 @@
 It gets a message for each commit to the Subversion repository (and no
 other traffic).
+<p>The license is the old-style GNU documentation license
+(“Permission is granted …”).  This is because that is
+how the document was originally written, and one of the authors is
+deceased.  It is a free documentation license, though regrettably
+incompatible with licenses more commonly used today.
 <p>Thanks to <a href="http://gna.org">gna.org</a> for hosting this <a
 href="http://gna.org/projects/latexrefman/">latexrefman project</a>.

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