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Tue Sep 15 09:29:04 CEST 2015

Author: vincentb1
Date: Tue Sep 15 09:29:03 2015
New Revision: 436

URL: http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/latexrefman?rev=436&view=rev
* latex2e.texi (Starting and ending): Add @cindex environment
(Spaces, \(SPACE) and \@@, \(SPACE) after CS): Move text how to
control space gobbling after a control sequence from node
`\(SPACE) and \@@' to a new node `\(SPACE) after CS', and add more
tricks to do that.

* latex2e-fr.texi (Starting and ending)
(Spaces, \(SPACE) and \@@, \(SPACE) after CS)(Spaces): Same
changes as for latex2e.texi.
(Overview): add @: after some abbrev ending periods.
(Font styles): Follow Karl's changes of
2015-04-26, "deux choses très différentes"->"deux constructions
sans relation l'une avec l'autre"
(Starting and ending): Follows Karl's change of 2015-04-26
(\- (hyphenation)): Translate this node.
(\noindent): Follow Jim's changes of 2015-09-14: example + how to
suppress indentation in a whole document.
(Spaces, \@@, \(SPACE)): rename node \AT->\@@ following Karl's
change of 2015-05-05, and \SPACE->(SPACE) following Jim's change
of 2015-09-08.
(\frenchspacing) Add new nodes, following Jim's edits of 2015-09-12.
(beamer template, book template): Follow Karl's changes of
2015-04-26: transpose to make alphabetical.
(beamer template, tugboat template, beamer template): Translate
these nodes.
(Command line): Follow Karl's changes of 2015-04-26: xref TeX
engines, --help, etc.
(eqnarray): Follows Karl's change 2015-04-26 `much
like'->`similar', plus typo.


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Modified: trunk/latex2e.texi
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