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Wed Jul 1 16:55:44 CEST 2015

Author: jhefferon
Date: Wed Jul  1 16:55:43 2015
New Revision: 371

URL: http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/latexrefman?rev=371&view=rev
unicode code points


Modified: trunk/ChangeLog
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--- trunk/ChangeLog	(original)
+++ trunk/ChangeLog	Wed Jul  1 16:55:43 2015
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2015-07-01  Jim Hefferon  <jhefferon at domain.hid>
+	* latex2e.texi (Math symbols): Add unicode code points to a few;
+	experiment with relevant info.
 2015-06-23  Jim Hefferon  <jhefferon at domain.hid>
 	* latex2e.texi (\flushbottom, \raggedbottom): Expand definition.

Modified: trunk/latex2e.texi
URL: http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/latexrefman/trunk/latex2e.texi?rev=371&r1=370&r2=371&view=diff
--- trunk/latex2e.texi	(original)
+++ trunk/latex2e.texi	Wed Jul  1 16:55:43 2015
@@ -1181,7 +1181,7 @@
 The width of the rule between columns. The rule shows up halfway between
 the two columns.  The default is 0pt, meaning that there is no rule.
 Change it with a command such as
- at domain.hid@}}, before the two column
+ at code{\setlength at domain.hid@}}, before the two-column
 environment starts.
 @item \columnwidth
@@ -5111,25 +5111,28 @@
 @ftable @code
 @item \|
- at domain.hid{\|}
+Parallel (ordinary symbol) @U{2225}
 @item \aleph
- at domain.hid}
+Aleph, the first transfinite cardinal (ordinary symbol) @U{2135}
 @item \alpha
- at domain.hid}
+Lower case Greek letter alpha (ordinary symbol) @U{03B1}
 @item \amalg
- at domain.hid} (binary operation)
+Disjoint union (binary operation) @U{2A3F}
 @item \angle
- at domain.hid}
+Angle, geometric (ordinary symbol) @U{2220} (Similar: less-than
+sign at domain.hid{<} and angle bracket at domain.hid}.)
 @item \approx
- at domain.hid} (relation)
+Almost equal to (relation) @U{2248}
 @item \ast
- at domain.hid} (binary operation)
+ at math{\ast} Asterisk operator (binary operation) @U{2217} (Similar:
+asterisk at domain.hid{*}, which is often a superscript or subsctipt, and
+ at code{\star}.)
 @item \asymp
 @math{\asymp} (relation)

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