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Author: karl
Date: Mon Apr 20 17:53:57 2015
New Revision: 315

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basic document class descriptions


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@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2015-04-20  Karl Berry  <karl at domain.hid>
+	* latex2e.texi (Document classes): Add descriptions of built-in
+	LaTeX classes.  From Jim, 12 Apr 2015 22:10:47.
 2015-04-10  Karl Berry  <karl at domain.hid>
 	* latex2e.texi (Font styles): mention \nocorr and \nocorrlist.

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@@ -243,7 +243,8 @@
 @end enumerate
 An open-ended list of other files might be created.  We won't try to
-list them all.  Xxx components?
+list them all. 
+ at c xx components?
 @findex \ @r{character starting commands}
 @findex [...] @r{for optional arguments}
@@ -292,31 +293,43 @@
 @cindex classes of documents
 @findex \documentclass
-The class of a given document is defined with the command:
+The document's overall class is defined with this command, which is
+normally the first command in a @LaTeX{} source file.
 @end example
- at domain.hid
-The @code{\documentclass} command must be the first command in a
- at domain.hid{} source file.
 @findex article @r{class}
 @findex report @r{class}
 @findex book @r{class}
 @findex letter @r{class}
 @findex slides @r{class}
-Built-in @LaTeX{} document @var{class} names are (many other document
-classes are available as add-ons; @pxref{Overview}):
- at domain.hid
-article  report  book  letter  slides
- at domain.hid example
- at domain.hid xx briefly describe each one
-Standard @var{options} are described below.
+The following document @var{class} names are built into @LaTeX{}.
+(Many other document classes are available as separate packages;
+ at pxref{Overview}.)
+ at table @code
+ at item article
+For a journal article, a presentation, and miscellaneous general use.
+ at item book
+Full-length books, including chapters and possibly including front
+matter, such as a preface, and back matter, such as an appendix
+(@pxref{Front/back matter}).
+ at item report
+For documents of length between an @code{article} and a @code{book},
+such as technical reports or theses, which may contain several chapters.
+ at item slides
+For slide presentations---rarely used today; the @code{beamer} package
+is perhaps the most prevalent (@pxref{beamer template}).
+ at end table
+Standard @var{options} are described in the next section.
 * Document class options::   Global options.
@@ -7079,7 +7092,9 @@
 @node beamer template
 @section @code{beamer} template
-The @code{beamer} class creates slides presentations.
+ at cindex @code{beamer} template and class
+The @code{beamer} class creates presentation slides.  It has a vast
+array of features, but here is a basic template:

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