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Sun Aug 24 22:49:27 CEST 2014

Author: vincentb1
Date: Sun Aug 24 22:49:26 2014
New Revision: 295

URL: http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/latexrefman?rev=295&view=rev
Progress translation to French further, plus some more @code{...} and @var{...} proper encapsulations

	* latex2e.texi (node Boxes): add  @code{...} encapsulation.
	(node \dashbox): replace @code{...} by @var{...} for \dashbox
	parameters in last sentence. (nodes \line & Glossaries) add
	@acronym{...} around CTAN.
	(node \makebox of picture): use @example environment for the
	synopsis, and @var{...} for the parameters.
	(node \vector): rename x-slope, and x both to xslope, respectively
	for y-slope and y, and use consistently @var{...} encapsulation.

	* latex2e-es.texi (node Cajas): same as latex2e.texi.
	(node \dashbox): same as latex2e.texi. Rename parameter
	@var{dlargo} to @var{glargo}, with 'g' for guión (aka
	(nodes \line & Glossarios): same as latex2e.texi.
	(node \makebox of picture): same as latex2e.texi.
	(node \vector): same as latex2e.texi.

	* latex2e-fr.texi (node Boxes): same as latex2e.texi.
	(node \dashbox): same as latex2e.texi.
	(nodes \line & Glossaries): same as latex2e.texi.
	(node \makebox of picture): same as latex2e.texi.
	(node \vector): same as latex2e.texi.
	Progress further translation to French.


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