[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] develop: further iteration of wording re luahbtex (16cf395c)

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 23:40:27 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
On branch  : develop
Link       : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e/commit/16cf395c17d3947926d1c99ae0103eff18557839


commit 16cf395c17d3947926d1c99ae0103eff18557839
Author: David Carlisle <d.p.carlisle at gmail.com>
Date:   Sun Jan 26 22:40:27 2020 +0000

    further iteration of wording re luahbtex


 base/doc/ltnews31.tex | 10 +++++++---
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/base/doc/ltnews31.tex b/base/doc/ltnews31.tex
index a5a7d29b..55df0767 100644
--- a/base/doc/ltnews31.tex
+++ b/base/doc/ltnews31.tex
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@
 %\addtolength\textheight{4.2pc}   % only for TUB
-{\hyphenpenalty=10000 \spaceskip=3.33pt \tableofcontents}
+{\hyphenpenalty=10000 \spaceskip=3.33pt \hbadness=10000 \tableofcontents}
 \setlength\rightskip{0pt plus 3em}
@@ -154,16 +154,20 @@ before they even appear!
 \section{Concerning this release \ldots (Lua\LaTeX{} engine)}
-In \TeX{}~Live 2020 the Lua\LaTeX{} format will use the new LuaHB\TeX{}
-engine, which is Lua\TeX{} with an embedded HarfBuzz library.
+The new LuaHB\TeX{} engine is Lua\TeX{} with an embedded HarfBuzz library.
 HarfBuzz can be used by setting a suitable renderer in the font
 declaration. A basic interface for that is provided by \pkg{fontspec}.
 This additional font renderer will greatly improve the shaping of
 various scripts when using Lua\LaTeX{}, many of which are currently handled correctly only by
 \XeTeX{}, which always uses HarfBuzz. 
 To simplify testing of the new engine, binaries have
 already been added to MiK\TeX{} and \TeX{}~Live 2019 and both have already now changed
 the Lua\LaTeX-dev format to use it.
+Going forward, Lua\LaTeX\ (and Lua\LaTeX-dev) will both use the LuaHB\TeX{}
+engine.  When the switch to the the LuaHB\TeX{} engine for Lua\LaTeX{}
+happens depends on the distribution (for \TeX{}~Live this will be with \TeX{}~Live 2020).

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