[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-luaotfload] travis-tl-dev's head updated: Revert "use file instead of font name" (1423fa8)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Sat Jan 25 01:00:39 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/luaotfload
Branch 'travis-tl-dev' now includes:

     17fcfae readme changes
     976e691 Fallback for invalid UTF-8
     959341e adapt build.lua
     a072e2e correct checkformat
     91a5998 tag files
     282266b add filehook.sty for now
     4e80a37 mumble
     a86a679 adapt News
     9008c87 update status
     36b3b0e update announcement
     05d8bfe upload v 2.991
     77f4121 remove new filehook.sty, is now in texlive
     5098947 adapt readme to new location/layout
     d08c120 merged dev into master - ctan upload of version 3.00
     1fdb188 import lualibs as support files
     200a164 imported context and adapted version
     6b85f97 rename testfiles so that they work with harf too
     471959b Clean-up
     4796337 update status.lua
     a16dbd4 testfile for open issue#109 tounicode
     22e03bd updated documentation for next release
     69ed911 Merge branch 'dev' into master-v3.0008-201910290
     3352c35 Merge branch 'dev' into master-v3.0008-201910290
     f18a493 testfile for issue #109
     122b75a corrected tags
     6422421 install cmu fonts
     8039efb forget a font
     518b133 try with file lookup
     e2c7c2d Abort if utf8 module is unavailable (latex3/luaotfload#89)
     15db3a2 replace packages ifxetex, ifluatex by new iftex
     cdc212a Merge branch 'dev' into master-v3.0008-201910290
     1e034cc set version number and tagged
     724bc9e Merge branch 'dev' into master-v3.0008-201910290
     6c6eee1 exclude math test locally (adjdemerit bug)
     be7f671 adapted news
     143988b ignore temporary man files
     2d8d0e6 small docu improvements
     56d7af7 added newest lualibs to support folder
     9b3e6dd Merge branch 'master-v3.0008-201910290'
     08c0be3 add self update to sh
     89bcabf Combine calls to tlmgr
     0431ba4 Fix bugs
     20a399a temporary local shellesc.sty with catcode fix
     77a9655 Interpret script and language as OpenType tags
     fcd5cdf remove shellesc again
     bedac7b Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/latex3/luaotfload into dev
     da753f9 Add scripts-demo.tex to test
     800b66a Fix typo
     4120e0e Fix script selection
     f7b358e Adjust tests to fixed linebreaking
     1c687ab Fix test expectations
     4f58853 adapted documentation
     d2ab135 adapted version number and tagged
     21625c6 adapt status
     c7aeb98 adapt news and ctan.ann
     b95df97 adapted version in readme.md manually
     f74bea2 Merge pull request #110 from e-kwsm/utf8
     091edd7 Make luaotfload definer accessible
     0e84d3b Simulate different pathname for harf fonts
     b216523 Handle new format engine mappings
     71258ef update lualibs support files
     646e84e tagged with new version number
     91ba358 Deprioritize load-time logging and fix tagging bug
     b3f0739 Add -dev to version
     521f870 correct links in rst-files [ci skip]
     a5a56ce checking missing oberdiek packages
     0dcfdd8 install epstopdf-pkg
     9ed0ea5 adapt tests to new lualatex-dev
     e88500c adapt math test
     0f30cb5 Use fontmode instead of textmode in layered glyphs
     18551ef Install luacolor on Travis
     4ad0b35 Install letltxmacro for travis
     21f4909 Add bookmark
     c7c316e Fix bug
     dada6b6 Expose apply_default_features
     4b30604 Lowercase scripts
     f7257e8 utomatic multifont definition
     d2fc66d Use correct script tags
     b6bcecb Add missing oberdiek packages
     68f5bba Add harf support to multiscript
     6aaab1f Add color tests
     63d0307 void confuding message if harf loading fails early
     4ef0a14 Fix multiscript typo and delay loading fonts
     e0545f7 Better feature handling for harf fonts
     0e74272 Simplify multiscript
     ee8e753 Initial implementation for fallback fonts
     f96c647 Add various former oberdiek components for Travis
     d188899 Add multiscript=auto test
     b8f3d92 Fix some bugs and initial multiscript/fallback support
     9b9efe0 Fixes and tests for falback=...,multiscript=auto
     a171836 Install noto in Travis
     1d86a3e Normalize tests
     c39651c Normalize line lengths in texlive.sh
     9a8f2f3 Exerimentally try not to lowercase feature values
     6705174 Partial fix for #127
     84c2f24 step dev version number and date
     2348cf0 Ensure to always set an id mapping
     4dfabed Allow GID based coloring with custom tables
     dfd49d1 Test for named colorschemes
     d2188db Fix issue when color starts in a discretionary
     9b30230 Fix provides_feature for HB fonts
     43eb815 Adjust tests to new fontspec version
     70aefbe Adapt tests second part
     455a3d2 Adapt remaining test
     e12f3ab Missed one file
     01f8984 made installation of dev version (hopefully) clearer
     5369d81 missing period
     1877a6d some tests with multiscript/fallback [ci skip]
     892212f remade tests after nfss changes
     b197b76 more multiscript trial
     c1a8af3 documentated new color scheme
     a85d869 Add gid_to_name
     987354e Prefer abc in multiscript=auto+abc
     80cac00 Merge branch 'dev' into latex/dev
     6b20296 Fix handling of missing fonts
     269d300 Update pdf
     b6344c6 Fix documentation
     134c1c4 remade two tests because of nfss
     c07e352 continuing documentation multiscript
     2c9e316 documentated multiscript
     af4d2fc added label/pageref
     5dd6354 corrected labels
     cf69ed7 use file instead of font name
     6390763 Fix bug when harf is passed an non-existing file
     051a42f Make fonts available for documentation typesetting
     1423fa8 Revert "use file instead of font name"

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