[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] callbacks's head updated: Fix tests (31727124)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Fri Jan 10 17:00:27 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'callbacks' now includes:

     fb6c6a94 ltnews31 copy editing
     cb7a2e83 issue #242 spaces in hhline
     81b61173 filecontents support for additional luatex write streams issue #238
     64076de8 ltnews31 edits
     75e0ae99 Typo
     3ea69f79 Typos
     cd3c2aab additions to ltnews31; compatibility rule for \upshape; \fontshapeforce and \fontseriesforce added
     28f0d34a update oberdiek packages
     b5dbc673 Install texlive-scripts for mftextfm
     54c78ca3 Install hologo
     61af88c8 install bookmark
     3179a2d8 documentation for 2 bugs (few more remaining); multicol used to shorten primitive list
     904a3859 Flesh out details on primitive requirements
     b914991b [ci skip] some typos/grammar changes
     b766d15a hhline update
     990df7b0 no noteworthy amsmath or doc updates this time
     594050bd Fix default fallbacks for user defined callbacks
     9ed24c1a Adjust callback list to luahbtex and luatex 1.11.1
     051934cd reverselist callback type
     4df65201 Add pre/post_mlist_to_hlist callbacks
     8a1a4979 Make post_linebreak_filter reverselist
     31727124 Fix tests

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