[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] callbacks's head updated: Make post_linebreak_filter reverselist (7e64010a)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Fri Jan 10 15:45:28 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'callbacks' now includes:

     1cede9a2 initial prep for including textcomp  - add test files to document current state  - add a few support fd files for lm fonts
     35133041 initial integration into the kernel (as a separate textcomp-adds file)
     6b36c210 wrong engine listed
     67fbb2ec added forgotten command
     6aa80bf5 testing travis failure
     92c7156a retain OMS and OML characters with OT1/T1 encodings for barckwards compatibility. They only change to TS1 if textcomp is loaded many differences in the test files (hopefully all correctly checked) due to loading or not loading fonts
     0ce40ccc oh well ... tools also has testfiles
     ebf440e7 ... and amsmath ... surprise
     f391dc11 also handle \textcircled
     7925711a Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     90bda062 test file changes due to luaotfload changes
     c9fe87d9 a few more that need adapting because of luaotfload
     bf670cfa Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     bdc3e411 update github-robust-0123
     01160298 updated tlg files as necessary
     a78ac53d initial code for nfss axes
     d1a2cdcc one more update needed
     b1fb06a1 Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     1811d99e t1lmr.fd no longer available if search is not enabled
     6d5c9f56 mumble ... a leftover \CheckSum
     1d36e80c Testing for an empty arguments is dangerous ...
     9c9fc68b implementing mweights.sty (more or less)
     b1583ed2 Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     0d36068b mainly more documentation
     81f6a3a3 added swshape (but not yet sscshape)
     e84bc11c provide substitution info in log
     8b53f870 correct implementation of \emforce
     4488ca7d need some more complex fonts with scit for testing
     b736db2c Search tests depend on color ....
     085435fc don't use color (only pretend)
     8cc12256 \emfontdeclare needs robust \normalcolor
     e06ecc15 grrr
     d62fed80 change \bfdefault to "b"
     3fe15cdd update tlg
     6bb5867b more tests and more change rules
     5323f373 probably some more errors somewhere in the rules
     fe51a166 use "mm" as a special default for mdseries (with matching rules
     95e62e4c change of approach: use m ?m and m? for series
     0cfb60e1 provide alias size function (mainly for autinst type of .fd files
     e911af7c test file updates
     31e9b1f3 documentation and a few rule changes
     2e5635d6 more documentation, more tests and dropping unnecessary shape rules
     681a6d6c more rules
     25ad9386 fixing an issue that existed in mweights all the time
     e6f6aafe more rules, support ec and sc (available in noto fonts)
     a0bac60e dropping m's when determining the target series
     cc4a261b Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     b84abccc maybe?
     3eac2965 Typo [ci skip]
     72910660 Typo [ci skip]
     222ba824 Merge branch 'nfssaxes' of https://github.com/latex3/latex2e into nfssaxes
     f5160011 document "alias" size function
     2408660e documentation moved here from TLC2 and some other textual updates
     e4eb7c43 more on \swshape
     a1d2b16f mumble
     8f3f68c9 still working on getting the logic right
     d6d41c00 more tests
     958e6fef nfssaxes doc typos
     3c253cc4 missing slash
     4aa054cb forgot rules starting in "sw"
     8d2490ec Merge branch 'nfssaxes' of https://github.com/latex3/latex2e into nfssaxes
     1ec6f741 use "up" for \upshape provide \normalshape make sure \usefont picks up the font without adjustments in shape or series fix comands using \accent
     ac274cd4 fontspec uses \updefault for math font setup but should use \shapedefault in the future (accept for now)
     e91ca865 Update for new iftex package
     5471d4c8 Merge commit 'bcc5cc435a6207c5ba96a61de85bd41f70d191b3' into nfssaxes
     9b383e7a Shorten the log a bit
     6ca849ba Merge branch 'nfssaxes' of https://github.com/latex3/latex2e into nfssaxes
     4b2edcc0 More work on shortening log
     dc315141 Merge branch 'nfssaxes' of https://github.com/latex3/latex2e into nfssaxes
     ddc13532 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     fced69e2 test changes
     406152c2 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     9bb655a9 Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     6988c0de trial implement variant D
     39de7018 don't use OMS as default
     18f3a5d1 provide \UseLegacyTextSymbols
     5d3a0d4d rename to \labelitemfont
     0547b80a many test file updates
     f4add8f6 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     9c09211d Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     3b846993 try with shortened log
     332c43fa missed one tlg (at least) correct cs name
     7e8a07bb Shorten log when typesetting
     e4db68bc Shorten log when typesetting
     5c2f4cab Mumble
     2736a029 Mumble
     cb1d82eb provide \textlegacy... subst glyphs only warning by default
     24624ca1 Merge branch 'nfssaxes' of https://github.com/latex3/latex2e into nfssaxes
     32cad647 in the middle of sorting font sub-encodings
     a017b9b3 more sub-enc classification
     e2070f83 Sorted out most sub encodings ; merged in develop changes
     02693ebd Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     db61e49e Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     9270aa61 oops, merged  too much
     1930b503 copy paste error
     0f745b72 split the defaults
     ef730105 Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     aaa585e6 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     172e221d adjusted tests due to taking \capital... accents as normal accents from T1 if not really provided in TS1
     b58f39c4 comment changed
     fc9dbaaf more classification
     8b228702 ensure that substitution doesn't loop if incomples TS1 font is selected
     9cb473d1 use textcomp package to set warning -> error
     4d57120e make accents mostly sub-encoding 2 so that LM fonts use those from TS
     aab6832e Define \languagename for typesetting
     5d959f5a Drop a stray file
     d04b0b74 support stubst for oldstyle numbers
     07d513d3 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     a2f5a237 Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     a8cb6331 News for LaTeX2020 changes
     ba70c46c Change (possibly misleading) statement about loading expl3
     0701a007 correction for #154
     0000609b Integrate David, Frank and Bruno's suggestions
     7d7eecb1 Mention xparse in ltnews31
     5471c3d2 more explanation
     7bafb60b Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/latex3/latex2e into develop
     865edab7 oh, I made a test file ...
     5f05b879 Add pre-loading to CHANGES [ci skip]
     6008e893 add a paragraph about lualatex-dev and luahbtex [ci skip]
     0f62d381 Minor edits in ltnews31 [ci skip]
     77b72b73 allow for mid-document changes of the defaults
     5f49def6 Merge commit '0f62d3815e9b48d04a7a98fd12b672ac93cceb14' into textcomp
     00a58165 Allow typesetting format to access system hyphenations
     d4b7e651 provide \legacyoldstylenums
     a96bf1bf Merge commit '00a581655c08b2fcc7bfe355f4f6604a20ea3eee' into textcomp
     454232a5 Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     6c788824 Allow for -dev release of PR0 (see #214)
     608b852f Allow for -dev release of PR0 (see #214)
     93043557 fix for #216
     50ba5503 mumble, these unnecessary engine output differences ...
     2131d34d prevent warnings that the base accents  are already robust
     282b251d Use natural release dates [ci skip]
     e41f45a8 Merge branch 'master' into develop
     f8256ac6 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     9af821ff Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     050a827c Step pre-release tag
     9fe762df Avoid interference between bundles
     7ef84f77 More work on deployment
     2442e9a6 Remove (I think) stray quotes
     89f91a2f Ensure fonttext.cfg is correct for typesetting
     8dcf1ed4 Step pre-release tag
     f69aaddf redo key encryption
     15c00f24 Correct format for dev- tags [ci skip]
     e67c7ca6 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     0b3fa8c8 Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     016d62d2 Next release will be nominally 2020-02-02
     64e8c8a4 documentation update
     89a90aa0 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     1153bd62 Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     51ac496a #203 was fixed in dev but not mentioned in ltnews31; for #190 the changes entry got lost somehow
     a40695e7 fix for #199
     54cf1a9e make commands etex protected for issue #208
     956fb970 Merge branch 'gh199' into develop
     410ed7ca Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     21abaf6b Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     842f05ac Enable Probot Stale [ci skip]
     f4cb3b3c support \DeclareFontFamilySubstitution
     89762ec6 Better tag for stale issues [ci skip]
     9ecac5dd Require pdftexcmds
     3f521b21 Require epstopdf-pkg
     a83b1986 remove plain tex guard on \protected for #208
     a9cef687 Enable Probot Stale
     c265306d Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     752354e4 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     abb82c12 Make stale message clearer [ci skip]
     81993b27 Merge branch 'master' into develop
     3ba2db27 Added \LoadFontDefinitionFile (discussion in TLC was incorrect)
     15e3ec96 removed some leftover code
     a3056731 fix for #52
     6bee0ea3 protected commands for graphics for issue #208
     33945f5a update tlg
     c2865d2b docu update for #200
     2822b8dd tlmgr install kvoptions
     dfadf261 tlmgr install stringenc
     3452c936 Merge branch 'gh52' into develop
     3d82fec1 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     c935b38a Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     52bb686e mumble
     526edd1d Update tlmgr up-front
     3a720992 fix for 172; selfupdate of tlmgr for travis (hopefully in the right place)
     5c8c259a Merge branch 'develop' into gh172
     3b75cdc6 Keep Frank happy :)
     bc5e7989 Merge branch 'develop' into gh172
     e888e126 2 more  test file updates
     b11d9d1b Merge branch 'gh172' of https://github.com/latex3/latex2e into gh172
     753f0dee Merge branch 'gh172' into textcomp
     78c27e5b 2 tests
     79cd0557 Merge branch 'gh172' into nfssaxes
     305f3f01 Merge branch 'gh172' into nfssalias
     7a4f0b76 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     d9dfee65 Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     bc6f51cd Add a dir for contrib testing
     63b34ca7 fix for #237
     add46630 Merge branch 'develop' into textcomp
     0c9bcf3f Merge branch 'develop' into nfssaxes
     69f67052 code moved into the kernel (and rollback provided)
     fb61dd4c l3news31 updates (and \textnormalshape dropped)
     5d0802c5 leftover \end{macro}
     f36b92b2 documentation for the new features in ltnews31
     549e8b5a Merge branch 'nfssaxes' into textcomp
     ce62fd72 identify this as the development branch
     3328bad9 starting to move textcomp into the kernel (step 0)
     c1d9cdcd bit more on #184 (but actually more cosmetics as it was already technically fixed with last release)
     6318db91 ok, there are also the required tests ...
     9fc87506 more textcomp integration
     ec1784d6 more cleanup and start with textcomp package
     3162f651 bit more cleanup
     d5ff1655 implementing rollback
     34c979df More documentation
     4945789e document fixed github issues in ltnews31
     897b35ba bit more docu
     9209b517 Merge branch 'textcomp' into develop
     03c4a208 Fix default fallbacks for user defined callbacks
     6a2fe18f Adjust callback list to luahbtex and luatex 1.11.1
     ea73d266 reverselist callback type
     f2dca931 Add pre/post_mlist_to_hlist callbacks
     7e64010a Make post_linebreak_filter reverselist

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