[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex3] bool_case's head updated: Merge branch 'master' into bool_case (345ad764a)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Mon Jan 6 17:15:20 CET 2020

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex3
Branch 'bool_case' now includes:

     3861168a7 Track third-party change
     4b1620bd5 Avoid nesting \__draw_point_process:nn calls
     74cbdc733 More nested calls removes
     a00a9ab66 Avoid evaluation of drawing points unless requested
     84fd89079 Fix malformed l3prefixes.csv [ci skip]
     e068c6dfe Fix typos in l3keys documentation [ci skip]
     1a7615eff Doc e-type at start of interfaces3, and new variable types (fixes #528) [ci-skip]
     06a5f76c5 Update l3kernel/l3prefixes.csv (#534)
     811eda281 More testfile updates
     da3dbb7b9 Update l3draw transformation names
     c3839695a Log changes [ci skip]
     d2e8cbac2 Defensive code against \time/\day/\month\/year issues
     96ca8972a l3draw-boxes code should show up [ci skip]
     2ade94707 Stub l3draw-layers
     5a21e5c32 Missing \end{macro} lines [ci skip]
     8305191cd Support for drawing layers
     0c1f1ee05 Out-of-date comment removed [ci skip]
     d6a4ca608 Typo [ci skip]
     82d79c9f4 Correct argument order
     6a5d9b433 Log change
     e7f746d3b Set key inheritance (foxes #535)
     21016c4af Cross-ref for \tl_set_from_file:Nnn issue [ci skip]
     bee92887c Change of plan on drawing point evaluation
     f4526d8ea Change of plan on \draw_point:nn
     72044e52d Test file updates
     a557d992b Step release tag
     def96a5c2 Avoid keyvals in l3image
     83d2792cc Add \str_log:n, etc.
     b9c346a99 Stray line
     4f0c37152 review docs to mention e-type expansion where relevant
     01e57777f Update \sys_shell_get:nnN return value (see #538)
     8e1c26c99 Update \file_get:nnN return value (see #538)
     54235283a Use "noTF" markup [ci skip]
     d99621c4b Update \file_get_... functions to have TF versions (see #538)
     5cb2fdbab Track unicode-math changes
     11793d343 Update `\ior_get:NN return value (see #538)
     3ffdfea71 doc typo
     35fd3ba77 Typos [ci-skip]
     5453b0e8d Use \cs in preference to verbatim [ci-skip]
     10e116417 Update coffin test file for global operations
     16d63c9a4 Document what \int_to_roman:n does beyond 5000 [ci skip] (fixes #540)
     f550aaa20 Fixed typos [ci skip]
     6c458c63d Move coffin affine transformations to stable
     5ee5041f4 Test file updates
     d0ea16bcb Test file updates
     bb9ef3858 Remove experimental \tl_reverse_tokens:n
     314c4cc5c Test file update
     9e34f3a99 Log change [ci skip]
     f0c782ffa Test file updates
     13a3b5496 Move \tl_count_tokens:n to stable
     616e50143 add \NB and \begin{NOTE} to l3doc
     3dd7ed962 Typo [ci skip]
     6dc2d5fb7 Complete emulation of e-type expansion when \expanded is not available
     905382435 Rename \token_get_..._spec:N to \cs_..._spec:N
     68baeebae Fix some markdown in CHANGELOG
     a2e602515 Add packages to support doc target in testing
     f21bcd746 Set up parallel doc target test
     c134adc89 More support packages
     3c32c34c6 More support packages
     1f51fde46  missing dep
     b6508a3ce Build docs for release code only
     3008c5ffe Expand the result of expandable messages
     ff2614089 Use e-type expansion rather than home-brew version in l3fp
     dd6d03e86 Tweak some brace tricks to ensure braces remain always balanced
     e881c0253 make travis more pretty
     614a3b8d1 No need for turning off deprecation in l3expan test files
     37a8a5e36 Add undo-recent-deprecation option, improve default deprecation errors
     d55607c52 Use l3sys year/month/day instead of primitives in l3doc
     971bb7b60 Stray "\end{macro}"
     ef6b3fcb9 Update ctex test log with deprecation warning
     517fba81f Move GetIdInfo from l3bootstrap to l3file
     e7ab71119 Typo (section level) [ci-skip]
     d3eede9f7 Stray \end{macro}
     cc5988b79 Suppress deprecation warning for normal users
     662ba02b5 Clarify life-cycle of deprecated commands and document every case
     bf3c69eea Document some quirks of \int_eval:n [ci skip]
     a8e5934a2 Typo in "updated" date [ci skip]
     f4ce52be3 Instead of defining \color as a no-op when undefined, use a wrapper
     c669c5530 Remove dead hyperlinks when TF explanation is not typeset (fix #477)
     1643cc894 Fix accidental markup
     7a2c2f2b0 Change font of @@ lines in l3doc (fixes #448)
     31b61e095 Keep track of \prevdepth after l3doc's \end{function} (fixes #488 and #511)
     ededa4db7 Deal with inherited keys before unknown keys (fixes #548)
     c0eb31486 Markdown [ci skip]
     531eac575 Move \prop_count:N to stable
     7b0db0471 Remove \skip_split_finite_else_action:nnNN
     96fe27c3f Keep a copy of \skip_split_finite_else_action:nnNN for xor [ci skip]
     ebc9b69e0 Add the factorial function fact() to l3fp (see #297)
     def884c1f Tighten up xparse doc [ci skip]
     d72fccd79 Reorder xparse sections a bit [ci skip]
     da53d9c7c Implement b-type argument for grabbing the body of an environment
     849fe7537 Remove unused integer variable in xparse
     6817e4d09 Correct a test file
     d12e5cfa2 In xparse, add reference to environ package and clarify nesting [ci skip]
     a32ff6efe Update Changelog
     1d7bb2477 Make \IfBooleanTF safer (check its argument is true or false)
     b77e027c5 Correct an xparse error message and clean up a few others
     7f0d1d814 Tweak internals of xparse environments to track environment name
     baf9bd4be Make IfBooleanTF error message be expandable
     4d8be5c33 Improve xparse messages, especially for environments
     ff73d781f Avoid second error for environment with too many args
     fc7c8ba33 Trim spaces at end of xparse environment names
     55fa39f05 Remove user-provided setup for xparse b-type arguments
     8c95a0fe9 Document that xparse doesn't treat starred environment names specially [ci-skip]
     2a20c779e Store unknown keys when requested in all paths
     9a80794cd Fix an xparse expandable error now that expandable errors expand
     ecd168c99 Step release tag
     1c05d7926 Minor Changelog edit [ci skip]
     7f6ce8513 Oops ... [ci skip]
     7d90c3a0a Document that the :nNn comparison functions are faster than :n [ci skip]
     f6eb0e733 Doc typo [ci skip]
     d0f44b57f More defensive code for \year, etc. (fixes #555)
     182b7627a Used TL'19 for test files ... oops
     149d56c3c Correct a test
     b1c52276d Correct docs for \ior_get:NN
     cc02100ee Add \ior_get_term:nN
     1b72df5ec Correct a date
     cf2f7d6e7 Typo [ci skip]
     901e09f87 Step release tag
     509bf6358 Move \tl_if_single_token:n(TF) to stable
     08054a070 ConTeXt no longer uses unicode table
     a85535783 Tweak definition of kpse_find
     6a2dd1651 Mumble [ci skip]
     4bd174137 Step release tag
     566d3474c Split driver source into multiple files
     1bee782ed Refine statement on driver stablity
     a1591c3cf Better quote-correction
     afb9dd6a1 PDF structure no-ops for dvisvgm
     bec852bb3 PDF object no-ops for dvisvgm
     2f308c739 Start on PDF link support
     c6975037d Mumble
     29c420c2a First pass support for querying PDF minor version
     a6568afe6 dvipdfmx PDF minor version is predictable
     45d82a8f7 Added date ...
     861829cac Add PDF last link data access
     2454ef628 Test files
     7ba4d5961 More test files
     a0819170a Keep 'pdf' in link function names
     018477960 Last link should be 'ready to use'
     361afbfbc PDF minor version can be zero, so marker has to be -1
     e1b1d243e Grab link content at the driver level
     982908d01 PDF Annotation basics
     8dbe41d7f Better description
     76c37e286 Correct an internal name
     f4fef67c6 /Subtype /Link is compulsory
     46735509d Test file update
     67e86f955 Better object refs
     0f6a67c61 Various dvips link fixes
     657ae4fef Slightly clearer names for PostScript functions
     9a6abc75c Test file updates
     55298d5d8 Test file updates
     135acc3b5 Keep PostScript changes in SDict
     9b238cef6 Test file updates
     5a6a99227 Get last link working with dvips
     a5437c2d1 Support for link margins
     212cd7263 Correct expansion of object ref.
     4216a716a Some cosmetic spaces
     e98931e23 Setting for PDF version
     6a8b814c3 Wrong sort of \Arg
     2391f1ab1 dvipdfmx can set major PDF version
     135bcde3e LuaTeX from TL'18 onward can set PDF major version
     5b8000e34 Tidy some internal functions
     eb7775008 Minimum height/depth for links
     ec0fc9284 Defensive \global
     9d40df297 Split dvips link and annotation creation
     11a30420c Missing "\end[macro}"
     687b915db Tidy up indenting [ci skip]
     2a4182d63 Move some PostScript to header
     13cce3a4f Note on why the "[" PostScript syntax is not used
     5cbb8358e Indenting [ci skip]
     962362eb9 Store link dictionay in PostScript
     551e82d26 Reorder dvips link creation specials
     e7f1aee3e Typo
     ba90710e5 Correct PostScript functions
     0de28d2d6 Save data needed for link manipulation
     cee48e333 Cosmetic change
     66b6ba47b Minmise spaces in PostScript code
     17fa3403d Breakable links in dvips
     98ac5b4da Formatting for clarity
     08847101f Typo
     897c4a0d3 Formatting
     8770ef458 Code comments
     70512fc3e Support object in unbroken links with dvips
     33618366e Stray space
     faaefe2f3 Add a space
     cba0d7e69 Typo
     4417bcb28 Remove a dead comment
     7969b44be Fix indenting
     8b7eee2bc Split link creation into begin/end functions
     240282652 Correct a variable type
     8078672d7 Save/restore space factor when setting link with dvips
     5b392c6de Support math mode in dvips links
     20051d5e8 Missing \end{macro}
     671dd89f5 Correct sig
     8aba4c62f Missing boxes
     6375a9d4b Add the 'Adobe Reader fix' to driver code
     b3ff46805 Correct a function name
     fc51be1ff Add fix for landscape pages and (x)dvipdfmx
     ad5410fa3 Avoid error if links are nested in dvips mode
     b467642d6 Missing \end{macro}
     cd07fbbba Driver objects using "driver.obj" naming
     5b2d32378 Stray protected status
     ac930561e Move /Subtype /Link
     3caa20ae4 Log changes
     7bd8f8714 Step release tag
     fa48e6369 Fix GoTo links with DVI-based routes
     6e1f52ef8 Correct function name
     80c8d4ed2 Missed some test files
     eaf135266 Missing primitive
     9af01be78 Update team membership
     7d3f91096 Correct docs
     604db2e9a No need for inputenc
     f0cd267c0 Documentation
     1f81ef136 Fix clipping of paths
     75e2e56c9 Proper error message
     f0117cdb8 Documentatiom
     d31a06a61 Avoid claiming copyright on l3draww .lvt files
     f186a93ec Tests for \draw_path_use:n
     0d5008aac Generalise pdfmark function in dvips driver
     cbfea0566 Support PDF catalogue entries
     512254fac Still TL'18 ...
     6fde2f821 More TL'18
     c2bc113ca Support for PDF destinations
     7c564dea7 Missed a test file
     32e8a20c5 Typo
     b6c7eb0ee Some texnotes (fixes #563)
     9a0c59b66 Support for trace package in xparse (fixes #564)
     0547916b5 HarfTeX primitive support
     5d1c5d917 Mumble
     563b9351c Markup (and a typo)
     f8cc545da Mumble ...
     3363d976f [l3doc] fix type: add missing comma
     28ef9f7b1 [l3doc] fix type: add missing comma (continued)
     9e620ab13 fix typo: remove "module = "
     9eaeba455 fix typo: "pick up ... form" to "pick up ... from"
     6c90975cf Tighten documentation
     2cf408eb5 Correct dvips height calc
     d45771505 /FitBH requires a voffset
     ed5760d3d Basic support for /FitR destinations
     4f4506e9a Stray space
     7f85e38ee DocInfo can have objects, so needs a space
     8434255e1 Missing box in logs
     df0a502b7 Got a function name wrong
     92fa4b3dc Test file update
     5bff2eca5 Typo
     2ba256c01 PDF Catalogue support
     d5ad64860 Use \c_ not \g_
     fd33682a6 Missing \exp_not:N
     9d09f2e8f Some renames
     8a6a0aac9 Support /FitR with dvips in landscape pages
     ccf1a0d12 dvipdfmx can adjust link margins
     7067c8295 Notes on dvipdfmx and link margin
     d598dc7c9 TL'19
     9614e1a3b Move \peek_N_type:TF to stable (#558)
     f0d3b9a58 Move experimental file ops to stable (#559)
     0b07ff16f /FitR support in dvipdfmx
     d2dd9890d GoTo link needs a target
     a13babc74 Stub l3legacy.dtx
     221e6563b Added \legacy_if:n(TF)
     19f89a4ac Tidy up ChangeLog
     038744de7 Some notes on PDF drivers
     3cfb33d85 Hold back PostScript headers to start of DVI
     01aa294b8 Testfile updates for (u)pTeX
     ce2023182 Testfile updates for (u)pTeX
     89b335cac Testfile updates in contrib
     dc90dcb52 Step release tag
     652bd60f0 Typo
     0f94e599b Typo [ci skip]
     95b790882 Improve \char_<target>_case:N and add str version
     6feca5b01 Catcode correction for 8-bit engines
     22beb1941 More work on 8-bit \char_<target>_case:n
     48d5a3651 Typo
     dfd40d3ce Now need (u)pTeX .tlg files for \char_<target>_case:N
     500c12fb2 Missing mark-up
     d93ef4548 Fix date
     d42208d73 Better hook for breaking hyperlinks in DVI mode (fixes #570)
     c784d4535 Log fix [ci skip]
     2a090a117 Can't patch \@makecol if it does not exist
     38ad73140 Driver should not add /Subtype /Link to user class
     9be93f13e Mumble
     946f70d88 Move dvips link-break code to a dedicated hook
     bcb02a26f Step release tag
     885b66887 Remove 'doubled up' l3cctab
     d422260cd Add .muskip:(N|c) (fixes #565)
     8c675e27f Update test files
     0eaf5ffb7 Allow for c-variables in msg (fixes #568)
     209cc2ffd Stray "\end{macro}"
     e00a8d339 Remove 'AR fix' at present
     ad7fa5409 Better naming for PDF object compression interface (fixes #571)
     bb0ba7c62 Step release tag
     031127166 Test file update
     a0571f4cd Test file updates
     bdaad10b5 Tidy up a name
     5ca4ce6b9 Pretty sure EPS images need the corners ...
     7dbe00527 A useful variant
     b6fedb2bc Use a common driver box in pdfmode
     bdaa3f764 Correct a function name
     b869581b8 Correct a function name
     783fea70e Correct a message name
     342a58d98 Missing internal args
     7046e983c Correct a function name
     5727b5bfb Typo
     c91167d78 Correct PDF loading in XeTeX
     7b596f0a4 Correctly quote files names for XeTeX images
     a992108ef Make driver image functions public
     b24c9b8f2 Doc fixes
     e9830f8f9 First version of image inclusion code
     2fd8a32e2 Doc correction
     bed65bf0a Move l3image to public area
     1f13b9a12 Test file update
     7ae75cc6c Wrong data type ...
     b45b55cc9 Function name ...
     f23924e47 Missing space
     99d7f2a36 Missed a few \@@ => \driver changes
     65bb9fd78 Delay some set up to \AtBeginDocument
     3ef46ecac Another \@@ => \driver
     131f99060 Some corrections for running extractbb
     d3d3210cb More corrections
     a01e55360 Correct a function name
     10683cf64 Added experimental \ior_shell_open:Nn
     d2984d996 Stray \exp_not:N
     4ec35c69c Support listing of image files
     424d1a0c5 Set image box to size of image
     d755eadcd Basic support for 'fall back' image extensions
     f27863973 Allow for .tex files in image inclusion
     691412981 Fold image type case
     ffebf74c1 Better test for images without ext gaining .tex
     159c19aba Feeling is for l3graphics rather than l3image
     195f7927f Some more s/image/graphics/
     70f3014d4 Another one
     ca6f938eb Test file updates
     86133ee0e Always log graphics files
     565db5c62 Some more s/image/graphics/
     5c0882a14 Some more s/image/graphics/
     672e40f85 Mumble
     1b8c492c6 A few dvisvgm fixes
     fc2807ccd Log changes [ci skip]
     e86ada9bd Step release tag
     ae31ee501 Basic epstopdf support
     679703571 Set compress level globally
     05d5bb39b Added \file_timestamp_compare:nNn(TF)
     bb9d6fde8 Track pgf changes
     aad12a83e Doc fixes
     6132bf99c Missing mark-up
     52f118e2d Revert "Added \file_timestamp_compare:nNn(TF)"
     728e65708 Typo in CHANGELOG
     5d6d9f801 Working version of \file_timestamp-compare:nNn(TF)
     377269390 Enable selective use of epstopdf
     9f9037b74 Doc correction
     e37dc555d Draft support for l3graphics
     61f2bca24 Some .ins file corrections
     ba6ac43ee Correct copyright header in l3graphics
     79ecefded A few stray s/image/graphics/
     a9bcce6e7 Another one ...
     2b7ec48e5 Test flle update
     8a21adcac Drop a \scan_stop:
     f07e86791 Support \DeclareGraphicsExtention-like ext-type mapping
     76a2981a7 Mumble
     3eae1f474 Mumble
     b8aaa2bb2 Incorrect dimen
     ccc9dca2c More s/image/graphics/
     fdaf17057 Provide a path to alter logged graphics name for epstopdf
     fa74b5a00 Document oddities of \driver_pdf_link_margin:n
     6d2ccfe79 More docs
     6ec4023f2 A better name
     d2cb4dad2 Ensure color values are well-formed
     470011528 s/tmp/internal/
     33c535427 The "&" is needed for color spaces
     77eabd232 Revert "The "&" is needed for color spaces"
     7535faa16 Update test files
     a02517283 Color expressions are strings
     920481f6c Track pgf changes
     a20297160 Tidy a copyright line [ci skip]
     c4caaedaf Missing \scan_stop: (fixes #577)
     3bc6f756c Log change [ci skip]
     841c0cdc1 Trim space around xparse processors (fixes #578)
     ffa0206fe Simplify \sys_timer: in l3benchmark (see #577)
     61db4c6c8 Correct resettimer in LuaTeX
     1daf93d45 Document that LuaTeX's clock only measures CPU time and not real time
     c33389631 Fixed precedence of juxtaposition in l3fp to make 3cm/1cm=3
     06bbf2688 Simplify slightly an error handling in l3fp
     1b3985923 Fix function name in CHANGELOG
     7adfead1a Rounding difference due to change of precedence in l3fp
     1a2241554 Yet more s/image/graphic/
     ba28bdb47 /s/graphic_/graphics_/
     e443f6d87 Doc fix
     0ce1a313d Fix documentation of 'f' specifier (#579)
     1739f88c7 Stray line [ci skip]
     3d9facce9 Remove an annotation
     ece99690a Object refs for breakable links in dvips
     23c94a4ac Make juxtaposition with parentheses bind looser than without in l3fp
     535b7d227 Step release tag
     443c7920b Minor tidy [ci skip]
     633984638 Remove misleading text
     36db01720 \driver_pdf_object_write:nx
     0b7cc6944 \driver_pdf_object_now:nn
     27c98bc31 Correct name
     f81b82d7d Missing doc
     4798012d2 Doc tidy
     6ba00b14c Missing dvipdfmx function
     6688806bf \driver_pdf_object_last:
     b353cbe26 Missing \end{macro}
     32ea92e2f Some spaces in object refs
     933e0477c Expansion behaviour
     bec4ce9b4 More LuaTeX adjustments
     ca6a749a7 Doc fix
     a0e0cd723 Doc fix
     034866ab0 Fix typo in LuaTeX \driver_pdf_annotation_last: (#584)
     00ece5464 Typo
     378eb4599 s/image/graphics/
     7810fcd1a Move driver/backend code to internal to parent module
     28262bccb Pre-load Unicode encodings and escape approaches for str convert
     e344999f7 Declare 8-bit encodings as a public function
     25c42c55f A couple of .ins file errors
     1dd07649c Move l3str-convert to l3kernel
     e38f6a09e Missed a test file update
     ac7c030e0 Register prefix "pdf"
     33597d6ad Registr prefix "tag"
     6950c56ff Register prefix "document"
     e2384a053 Sub l3pdf module
     12e5aaeef Object compression should use a bool
     9755d405c PDF version, compression
     926154ea3 Correct a sig
     35df1b2e0 Support for BDC/EMC
     94fd3fec3 Missing \end{macro}
     80fbaa253 PDF interfaces for objects
     30c25989d Weird stray \
     eecc4ff8d Missing \end{macro}
     7487baecf Missing spaces
     89432d97a Remove l3hooks v1
     a454d64fa Stub l3hooks package
     851c9eda9 Correct l3hooks build script
     7f8f2dd57 First steps in hooks
     2c5b4aa67 Bail out inside hbox for fatal error (fixes #587)
     74df50b9f Move l3backend files to a separate dir
     62671d981 Only need batchmode here
     7727770ab Make driver file names more descriptive
     beeb9b8c7 Extend README [ci skip]
     7dc1f0556 typos [ci skip]
     b83302b0d More work on fatal error 'escape' (see #587)
     7f7db8874 Correct a name
     ce69c36de Make one function _aux
     cfbc3746e Print 'more text' for critical and fatal errors (fixes #588)
     556ab1aab More work on the 'bailout' code (see #587)
     dd34d5761 s/tmp/internal/
     40c2f66c2 Doc improvement [ci skip]
     265c7d9b4 Register prefix "backend" [ci skip]
     50cc45f90 Correct meta-data [ci skip]
     4ef3e2ab8 A few more backend changes
     66777a10c Split hooks into document and generic versions
     526bdbe03 No checksearch for l3hooks
     99defac45 Need l3backend as a general dep
     25e4f12bb Arg number for messages
     ed51bf444 Create the right var
     80e30b275 Space
     1276f1320 Naming
     56df0c409 Typo
     5c3b8d281 Correct doc hook 'used' logic
     f5f55236c Missed one message arg number
     1cbd1ddce Tests for hooks
     2c94dbb59 Push to correct end of hooks
     40dc34433 s/gpush/gadd/
     56e073c6b Separate hook desc like msg/keys
     e504dbd84 Each hook entry should be unique
     c89400c0f Some docs [ci skip]
     a2817e811 Docs [ci skip]
     cf5e03394 Show functions for hook entries
     be1cfe117 Register prefixes "ducksay", "duckuments" [ci skip]
     58aa0c140 Correct prefix for xsavebox [ci skip]
     037f010d8 Missing verbatim in documentation (#589)
     a24198125 s/g/c/
     e6a9c6c60 Add typeset version of l3prefixes
     6ccc09d60 Typo
     af96e4446 Correct handling of detokenized keys (fixes #594)
     623c119dc Doc clarification
     0e3d6d343 Test files
     48218abd3 Log change [ci skip]
     d8d50fda6 hooks discussions
     7a041cc30 more on OR hooks (unfinished)
     e39e63e42 Remove emails from l3prefixes
     a28e02e5f Register prefix pseudo
     97daab845 Allow multiple <@@= in one macrocode (fixes #595) (#596)
     e7e942b23 more thoughts on hooks
     19e321047 added JAW comments
     7f6aee42c Move l3pdf to l3experimental
     fc9f462d1 Step release tag
     6756c4428 End-of-July deprecation removals
     7fa91539c Test file update
     2457ff211 s/g/c/ in \__pdf_backend_object_ref:n for xetex
     eebb91aeb Missing `\end{macrocode}` [ci skip] (#601)
     8a094ab39 Register "deriv" prefix
     bcce99f51 ISO Date format
     47816b0e5 Missing - for backend driver name
     0674605e9 Log 2457ff change [ci skip]
     1ff98b23f Some indexing fixes to the l3doc doc (see #450) (#602)
     86672918c Use right changelog [ci skip]
     069546d5d Track pgf changes
     19b89a5d6 Track third-party changes
     358989c8b Reference the website for details of the team
     3f0ed806b Step release tag
     b4e6001ad Add upload data to .lua files
     b6974641a Missing "="
     89c43ea01 Missing ","
     b43cf910a Use \cs_if_exist_use:N instead of \use:c for trace
     0d067196a Revert "Use \cs_if_exist_use:N instead of \use:c for trace"
     b8030a89b Use \cs_if_exist_use:N instead of \use:c for trace
     636473d4a Use \cs_if_exist_use:N instead of \use:c for trace
     27c55d23c Log a change [ci skip]
     455599dad Deprecate \c_term_ior
     45f1ae500 Missed test files
     5ebfadcd3 Correct maths for coffin pole intersection (fixes #605)
     e8e0c44dd Update test files
     460132837 Third-party changes
     dcf38aabb Step release tag
     1d76cd249 Fix \tl_rescan:nn when it receives a comment character (fixes #607)
     60c3ab3a8 Re-order arguments for l3draw polar functions (fixes #608)
     a212e5234 Correct cctab stack behaviour (fixes #610)
     043d1dc1f Correct a sig
     a034d24aa l3draw: Normalised vector should work with zero length
     651221c98 Add \endline = -1 to pwd grabbing (fixes #613)
     5a301c441 Update xgalley example [ci skip] (fixes #614)
     f78a33a01 Clarify that mappings don't happen in a group [ci skip]
     3232786fd Make all "map_variable" leave the variable set to the last item (fixes #581)
     eaf866d36 Changelog for the last change
     d012ced6a Test file change due to LuaTeX change
     2a8bb9119 Avoid rounding in \fp_format:nn without style nor precision (fixes #612)
     e1dff20ba Document that \fp_abs:n {inf} is an error contrarily to abs() [ci skip]
     08a1a50c1 Make round(.,nan)=nan with no "Invalid operation" error
     3ea74ddae Provide function to test for nan floating point
     61b8e9ffb Avoid using l3fp internals in l3str-format
     17e364079 Remove duplicate keys in `\prop_set_from_keyval:Nn` (fixes #572)
     8ac79a020 correct minor/major version for dvipdfmx
     de5286c17 Log change
     1b04bef1f Update test files
     0b647157b Step release version
     e05ae381f Register "diffcoeff" prefix
     72778ee8d Minor indexing and doc fixes
     d643b7fbb Moved \prop_map_tokens:Nn to stable
     0e9ec0c1f Add \seq_map_tokens:Nn
     01858e465 Fix typo in documentation [ci skip]
     7ae15dc0b Delete l3token.synctex(busy)
     ef9110085 Correct a backend primitive interface
     f1ae2f060 Avoid duplicating dictionary selection
     8715c6892 Correct a few more backend primitive interface
     7060dbe2d Generate chars with catcode as-supplied
     4d7a59910 Document and test \seq_map_tokens:Nn
     7eb94f41b Make file sanitise/quote functions expandable
     e0be5e82c Correct file quoting with spaces
     411f5e7fd Add \tl_map_tokens:(N|n)n
     edce6ec3c Update test files
     b13f4d26e Add \file_full_name:n
     541c8e51c Missing \end{macro}
     35a2576ea Use \ifeof approach to test pseudo-files
     023a89329 Close test stream
     54ae45846 Mumble
     baee3919b \pdffilesize should not be used with an empty argument
     c8509fac2 Correct minor doc error
     de88a2408 Add expandable file-info functions
     9c7a4035e Typo
     bedc7231d Handle file/sys stream correctly
     0ac2bd58e \pdffilesize does work with pseudo-files
     84c512a36 Mumble: test file update
     8f77ce02f dvisvgm can include EPS files
     d3052c790 Correct bb extraction keys with dvisvgm
     88ea1b170 Support PDF files with dvisvgm backend
     a4a3b9623 Typo [ci skip]
     f3e340f18 C:/Users/Nililand-Surface/AppData/Local/Programs/Git/Type/Annot missing for dvipdfmx backend
     3feb03dd5 Ensure GetIdInfo vars are defined before setting
     4fb309863 Typos [ci skip]
     53d3d77d2 Backend code should not be marked experimental
     90f3216ac Step release tag
     27e699e99 Fixed typo. (#623)
     eca145910 Missing variant (fixes #624)
     48aa81ea5 Step release tag
     0a18a3e55 Check if cctab exists / provide INITEX cctab
     cd46810d2 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/latex3/latex3
     d1167832d l3cctab doc and variants
     1f7269145 Change so that David can \\ZZ
     9b77c15a1 Fix cctab stack pointer
     6451d2f75 A few more l3cctab tests
     b1179ecf4 Safety checks and yet more tests
     b8c53a23c Fix cctab tests for LuaTeX
     5edc70b0d Logical mark up for quotes
     09d7bc400 Allow for \active chars when setting up UTF-8 data (fixes #627)
     4fc30f81d Avoid needing a separate LuaTeX .tlg
     ef39a40f5 l3doc.cls: fix bug when trying to read l3doc.cfg
     97606e9e6 Merge pull request #628 from frougon/fix-bug-in-l3doc.cls-when-trying-to-read-l3doc.cfg
     2e3d174e0 Typo [ci skip]
     2e6e68d6d Log cctab changes [ci skip]
     006271d79 Step release tag
     b01f977ef Registering prefix for Polyglossia. (#622)
     7441fa4eb Move \seq_(g)shuffle:N to stable
     1d282b055 Move \prop_(g)set_from_clist:Nn to stable
     707246d29 Move \seq_const_from_clist:Nn to stable
     dbba8f681 Add e-type expansion to docs
     bca12867f Move \sys_if_platform_...:(TF) to stable
     833308c03 Move \<var>_sign:n to stable
     b1c165370 List all moves in one block [ci skip]
     fbf6aff97 Missed one functin [ci skip]
     e69412111 Move \intarray_show:N to stable
     c7304b938 Move \bool_const:Nn to stable
     4fd517040 Add a variant
     a4de05060 Need raw access this early
     212454b0f Update test files
     63e104720 Move FPU logb to stable
     5050bfcf5 Move \ior_(str)_map_variable:NNn to stable
     252f4f3be Move \intarray_const_from_clist:Nn to stable
     c646f8480 Add c-type variants for intarray functions
     1862610f8 Move RNG seed functions to stable
     6636da895 Move sys shell functions to stable
     d6f2be312 Move \mode_leave_vertical: to stable
     af997ccd2 Missed a rename
     bff04446f Log change [ci skip]
     212f6fb15 Test file update
     cc3869bb5 More accurate ChangeLog [ci skip]
     0fb268097 Correct format of \c_sys_engine_version_str with (u)pTeX
     eee2cf546 Make \file_compare_timestamp:nNn(TF) expandable
     49c9c878b Check \(pdf)filemoddate is available
     625d666df Move \file_compare_timestamp:nNn(TF) to stable
     cbb6aff7d Remove stray blank line
     6c6a67b5d Add missing \end{macro}
     e58dc4d75 Add c-type variants to fparray functions
     62b060b32 Move fparray to stable
     e2d1e9c6f Add missing \end{macro}
     5b6ca3536 Some l3kernel-extra ideas are 'done' [ci skip]
     f7adb67d0 Deprecation support is now built in to kernel
     a5dd8dd21 Missed one test file
     9486173cc Move all debug code to allow loading after the main part of expl3 (#592)
     957120b58 Speed up \exp_args functions used in variants
     cfc591090 Speed up \exp_args by using the general form for many more signatures
     2ea08e229 Speed up \exp_args some more and reduce tracingall output by half
     05c00d0a3 Changelog entry
     001b292d4 Set inheritance correctly with .initial:n property (fixes #631)
     94781d0a2 Typo [ci skip]
     f6fc66a48 Step release tag
     4fb38a18f Remove some stray files
     12cb67b85 Use @@ syntax in expl3.dtx
     8bb03be50 Beautify a changelog slightly
     fbb0557c9 Correct file search by \file_full_name:n (fixes #634)
     2e400be25 Show log on error failures in Travis-CI
     80fd0dbbf Enable  full CTAN build for tags
     cc5ae0003 Enable deployment for tags
     6f4b92a02 Adjust api_key
     fc41b7505 Step release tag
     baefbb3ee Correct .zip copying for deployment
     e0fd5380a Log fbb0557c9c9e033766467ea6a2b5abe51f839b23 [ci skip]
     a61265dab Drop redundant and ignored Travis condition
     42fb98c41 Use \:::-based form for \exp_args with more than 9 args (fixes #636)
     853685275 Markup [ci skip]
     fa20b591a Step release tag
     b75246ab5 Track upTeX changes
     209e3b8c1 Copyright year [ci skip]
     f198eb3cb Typo
     79c8b3ba8 Re-enable cmdcheck
     a7d651026 Missing mark-up
     a3ca99581 Update .tlg files for LaTeX2e 2019-10-01
     32dc08939 Remove a non-existent variant
     c82e56b4b Missing mark-up
     8513bd88b Track upTeX changes
     38ee14bab Allow xparse processors to depend on other arguments (fixes #629)
     592f9109d Use the correct number of arguments for processors
     bfa9a6567 Moved debug functions to stable
     cecb47ad3 Actually update docs
     6bb0c2743 Pick up 'traditional' class options for backend
     2effc2759 Typos [ci skip]
     252d64267 Explain color representation more clearly [ci skip]
     694510daf s/driver/backend/ [ci skip]
     fe7c83874 Typo [ci skip]
     74a590997 Correct handling of extensionless-files
     6f0a44e73 Defensive approch to LuaTeX + extensionless file names
     95bf59767 Fix loading with ConTeXt
     a11b6e59b Fix l3kernel.charcat
     0a5f822bb Print color in unknown-color message (fixes #640)
     d6c2c2a43 Require LuaTeX v0.95+
     3955ae8ef Log a11b6e [ci skip]
     ca9d99bc5 Set default backend for (u)pTeX to dvips
     a95051292 Log change of backend for (u)pTeX [ci skip]
     223218cf9 Performance enhancements for loading (#641)
     dd313ff32 Step release tag
     bd9cff8fd README updates [ci skip]
     61976927a Document that XeTeX now offers rnd
     1036a0bd5 Correct l3backend tagging
     87de92764 Make preloader message a bit clearer
     aa3cc922f Correct handling of class backend option
     6f9033459 Step release tag
     ce0c13f85 added Will's thoughts on hooks
     c999e6972 Print result of shell escape to .log with LuaTeX
     45dcb5b10 Typo
     0477e7998 Fix Lua errors
     58d6f9579 Flesh out pTeX primitive list
     979503f50 Add Omega primitives provided by (u)pTeX
     05a78e58a Remove HarfTeX primitives
     7d40265d1 \tex_fhi:D → \tex_hfi:D
     565d38ddd Access full register range in (u)pTeX
     386ae8be6 Trim spaces surrounding file names
     b82336589 Only trim spaces at end of extension
     3524d06dc Add \pdfmajorversion
     1db9abb83 Step release tag
     2b8bd7e6a Correct file name in m3file001 tests
     7ac253b59 Handle file names with spaces correctly (fixes #642)
     0434baa61 Update expectations
     a62767dad Simplify some names
     bf2a1a708 Handle quotes in files for all XeTeX/LuaTeX cases
     18c17727a Better handling of file name quoting
     8e36d9592 Stray \end{macro}
     096dcaa87 Further work on file names
     f75c04d3e Stray "\end{macro}" removed
     22da3446b Correct EXP status of some internal functions
     a6605a53a Remove code for stripping quotes in file names
     837b5a941 Update CHANGELOG [ci skip]
     1485befb9 Step release tag
     6e5cc233d Fix logic for one engine test
     a6aff4a03 Update upTeX test
     7b3169543 Alter nature of \c_sys_jobname_str
     404c06e5a Step release tag
     8b85aa5b6 Fix file search when \(pdf)filesize is no available (fixes #644)
     c68c94f70 Step release tag
     486236a48 Mark some expandable functions
     b2408529e Update for new iftex package
     f037f914e Allow for repeated calls to load same backend (fixes #646)
     e8cb98324 Allow repeated use of "undo-recent-deprecations"
     52ff54fdb Update tlmgr itself
     d27626e30 Update for better dependency set-up in TL
     4cd3ebb5f Step release tag
     b4efcd730 Shorten install script
     247ad6817 Missed oberdiek
     f6d8cba91 Move l3news to l3kernel
     a000371e0 Add a combined l3news file
     673893638 Add metalogo to installed set
     02461db53 Add ragged2e to installed set
     6734cf35e Move documentation to a subdir
     f394024c6 Add an empty L3News 12 source
     e6e46094e Need ragged2e
     729b205b6 Drop news dir entirely [ci skip]
     7680e84c5 Standardise CHANGELOG formatting [ci skip]
     035e17d03 Remove a stray section from l3news11
     f770caf08 First draft for L3News 12
     2be42bb43 Minor edits in L3News 12
     e169a8be6 ChangeLog better at top-level [ci skip]
     945c47f9b Add a sentence on l3news11
     c1f464590 Format a couple of acronyms
     0b3232972 Add some lines on l3build ot l3news12
     5ec9be4d5 Typo
     fdc1ba012 Remove some duplication between l3news11 and l3news12
     3b36413fb Detail new (XeTeX) primitive
     b36d87e9c Typo
     c15f7ecd9 Typo
     8580595f5 Fix l3format building [ci skip]
     12fe42862 Add \file_hex_dump:n(nn)
     5b6fc9b74 Drop one redundant test file
     f800bfbdb Update .lvt as XeTeX now has file operations
     f6737d7ab Add test for \file_hex_dump:nnn
     b149ce8cb Various typos, etc.
     0cb694326 Modify \file_hex_dump:nnn to use start/end index
     1001adc40 Remove a stray branch
     9da36b423 Require epstopdf-pkg
     030a129ff Require pdftexcmds
     112ae3d8c Move dvips header info to .pro file
     8f569e869 Actually add new .dtx
     67226fe32 Test file updates
     2f775e6b6 Step release tag
     69e12eaf0 tlmgr install kvoptions
     dd37ff110 Register scontents
     690de05a3 Install letltxmacro
     0a9298db3 Install bookmark
     c5fdea4a1 Typo [ci skip]
     42cd54be3 Install hologo
     2747cd0b0 Install atveryend
     5cc4d05f9 Install atbegshi
     53f388f71 Install rerunfilecheck
     014e20c9e Require catchfile
     437e708c2 Require alphalph
     c8f3c2769 Require pdfescape
     aafb19afe Require bitset
     e718e3f0a Add (u)pTeX 2020 primitives
     c405363b0 Drop a redundant comment
     8064da9dd Register nicematrix and witharrows
     2c6cbb872 Require ltxcmds and intcalc
     637e21d5b Also require etexcmds, kvdefinekeys and kvsetkeys
     1d61d188b and require hycolor and auxhook
     8f652be20 and bigintcalc
     831f95020 require uniquecounter
     fcf84fca4 and gettitlestring and refcount
     2bea2daf4 change the announcement as part of the kernel
     0944a5c1b Correct docs for char case changing
     eac352ad3 Correct step-copyright-year code
     fd74c2409 Extend auto-copyright to .ins files
     9fd9f7c0a Step copyright on all release files
     564cbb054 Typo [ci skip]
     26da686ef Set up backend right at the start of \document (fixes #657)
     345ad764a Merge branch 'master' into bool_case

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