[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] utf8andspace's head updated: add utf8andspace patch file to installfiles (c0de95a)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Sun Mar 10 09:15:48 CET 2019

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'utf8andspace' now includes:

     dedfd16 utf8ienc.dtx: Declare ⟨ (U+27E8), ⟩ (U+27E9)
     d09fab3 Update test for U+27E8 and U+27E9
     2acd39d Stray .tlg files
     d55d66a fix for issue #109
     3f7f9a2 added #109 to latexrelease rollback ; renamed helper cs
     a2fc7e0 fix for #107 --- this cuts across many test files
     232fc7a and a few more in other directories ...
     abe0194 and some in babel (though that test set isn't used it seems)
     73345dc Merge pull request #110 from adunning/patch-1
     78f4054 small cleanup after pull of #110
     21b3b82 internal housekeeping [ci skip]
     792c0d7 forgot to upload the changes entry [ci skip]
     1cbcb15 prepare for rollback and correct version number
     ff607ac checkin of a testfile documenting current state in 2e kernel (many commands are commented out as they break too badly)
     6297982 it actually helps to write the test results to the tlg not only to the screen :-(
     581d721 test of amsmath UI commands for robustness (current state) for #123
     c58a727 more or less complete list of internal and external commands for reference
     7970f0b copyedit changes bb [ci skip]
     198fa22 added minrows to multicol
     b683fa5 removed stray bracket added by emacs [ci skip]
     5ee3010 small update to nfsssfont.tex (providing a default action)
     ef8164b initial utf8 and space in filenames tests
     4c50f3c initial utf8 and space in filenames tests
     4426ad1 avoid putting patch file on \listfiles output
     c3f6ee4 This should fix the tlb2140 issue (and the other two)
     5c04ad2 with the file handling code for utf8  use of verbatim.sty gets quotes around the file name when displaying it (we could change the package if we don't like that) [ci skip]
     fc62aa2 The test file looks a little weird to me (changes due to utf8 handling seem ok though) [ci skip]
     43af4ac different concept for utf8 handling, so medium size rewrite. We forgot to handle \protected at def and the like
     c65a3ce fixed the graphic file loading (needs improvements, qupting is still weird); added test file
     5d48d51 mumble
     667f069 ... and a luatex test result overlooked ... sigh
     c0de95a add utf8andspace patch file to installfiles

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