[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex2e] xcite's head updated: merge in egreg's xcite package (71e5bc6b)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Wed Jul 24 16:45:19 CEST 2019

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex2e
Branch 'xcite' now includes:

     ef8164b0 initial utf8 and space in filenames tests
     4c50f3c5 initial utf8 and space in filenames tests
     4426ad17 avoid putting patch file on \listfiles output
     c3f6ee46 This should fix the tlb2140 issue (and the other two)
     5c04ad2b with the file handling code for utf8  use of verbatim.sty gets quotes around the file name when displaying it (we could change the package if we don't like that) [ci skip]
     fc62aa22 The test file looks a little weird to me (changes due to utf8 handling seem ok though) [ci skip]
     43af4ac7 different concept for utf8 handling, so medium size rewrite. We forgot to handle \protected at def and the like
     c65a3ce8 fixed the graphic file loading (needs improvements, qupting is still weird); added test file
     5d48d515 mumble
     667f069a ... and a luatex test result overlooked ... sigh
     c0de95ab add utf8andspace patch file to installfiles
     f6203065 Set up to install "latex-next" unless on master
     fbf7add0 Merge branch 'develop' into utf8andspace
     e8c3c159 definition of InputFileExists has changed (and we actually don't need it inside utf8andspace requires update to one test file too
     e26c211f describe the full set of std series values (may need further updates)
     2b0c9adf Decided on "latex-dev"
     d234b588 Propogate "latex-dev" change
     228092e3 Actually allow installation of master as just "latex"
     2e56f11f Actually allow installation of master as just "latex"
     ec74cc23 Remove babel: now has own repo
     061c1c98 Remove babel: now has own repo
     2edd9339 integrate utf8 extension for pdftex supporting label/ref, file names and typeouts
     f3cd1260 typos
     f96badc3 TL'19 LuaTeX changes
     84fab868 TL'19 LuaTeX changes
     fe240f76 One more LuaTeX change
     b9649190 One more LuaTeX change
     78c4184a Merge branch 'fntguide' into develop
     7fae7e88 folding the code back into kernel and graphics
     64f0e577 Identify this as a test release ... might have to be cherry-picked onto the dev branch and others
     d7ce19fe Minor text corrections
     117a76c7 Added a first draft of ltnews30
     caa0554a Identify this as a test release ... might have to be cherry-picked onto the dev branch and others
     aa7bd9dd Step ltnews counter
     d86ed7d6 Some \providecommand needed
     21c95c07 typo [ciskip]
     ffe3c005 readme update
     b55bb34d updated fonttext.cfg to include TU and corrected the tlg files
     1e3c36c6 Manually add l3backend at present
     80c973cb Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/utf8andspace' into develop
     ea254ee6 roll back utf8 change for pTeX (until \ifincsname is provided) avoid side effects with \DeclarErrorFont clarify some of the fntguide documentation
     9a60d821 Minor copy-edit in top-level README
     88cf7e54 Standardise README files
     68c57836 Enable auto-tagging of README files
     34fd98ed Mumble
     f6f87ac5 Retain copyright statement
     ca110432 Add LPPL statements to README
     9ea0b706 Remove old README
     1d5a1071 Log that we now have README info on versions
     cb486543 Stray lines
     40e16ab3 s/LaTeX3/LaTeX3/
     7ab1652c added fix for github/0154
     594b57fd mumble ... can't test with T2A/B/C right now
     8d7bddd2 Update cyrillic README [ci skip]
     e0f241bd Re-enable T2 tests
     babf1981 l3backend dep should now be sorted
     208bde03 Another readme.md (not distributed to CTAN)
     617a3f6b Step (pre)-release tag
     9e3e8bc6 Missing 'base' .tlg
     71ef4c0c Use live LaTeX format for typesetting
     00422cd6 Track luaotfload changes
     76918ffe More change tracking
     b46636f2 Tidy up config-TU set up
     b4dfa251 Building pdfLaTeX format needs .ini file
     66f460f4 don't add quotes to Gin at base
     d8901db5 allow the rolloback graphics to use current .def files
     e09484b4 lose " in log files
     cb045e9a deveop versions of def files, until texlive/travis back in sync
     ba27f79b quotes again
     55943508 Only rename latex.fmt when it exists
     9c8b8f16 update tlg
     201577a7 missing then
     555e7eb9 fileexists
     d535e322 update etex tlg
     9d916fb0 guard against detokenize use for plain tex
     7966f2d9 Step pre-releae tag in ltvers
     aaebbd90 Cleaner approach to fmt file naming
     8f8f9f88 Enable auto-tagging in base
     6baa73b4 Enable auto-tagging of ltvers
     bec794f9 Step missed pre-release tag
     c0026b7b Set up so dev releases have info in file names
     19dfd683 Defensive line
     eead4673 update license and copyright dates in base
     84fa745a more 1.3b licenses
     b896516b remove some aux files that got into the distrib
     a0f4f752 added underscore guards
     71e5bc6b merge in egreg's xcite package

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