[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-latex3] morechk's head updated: bruno-suggested improvements (128c31a)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Mon Apr 15 14:01:00 CEST 2019

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/latex3
Branch 'morechk' now includes:

     c5da783 Step release tag
     7d79831 Missing "\end{document}" [ci skip]
     82f5195 Introduce \draw_point:nn
     df18a45 Doc update [ci skip]
     be22dc5 Extend \exp_args_generate:n for e-type
     b3bde55 Track third-party changes
     565112b Test fall-back code of e-type expansion when \expanded is not available
     3861168 Track third-party change
     4b1620b Avoid nesting \__draw_point_process:nn calls
     74cbdc7 More nested calls removes
     a00a9ab Avoid evaluation of drawing points unless requested
     84fd890 Fix malformed l3prefixes.csv [ci skip]
     e068c6d Fix typos in l3keys documentation [ci skip]
     1a7615e Doc e-type at start of interfaces3, and new variable types (fixes #528) [ci-skip]
     06a5f76 Update l3kernel/l3prefixes.csv (#534)
     811eda2 More testfile updates
     da3dbb7 Update l3draw transformation names
     c383969 Log changes [ci skip]
     d2e8cba Defensive code against \time/\day/\month\/year issues
     96ca897 l3draw-boxes code should show up [ci skip]
     2ade947 Stub l3draw-layers
     5a21e5c Missing \end{macro} lines [ci skip]
     8305191 Support for drawing layers
     0c1f1ee Out-of-date comment removed [ci skip]
     d6a4ca6 Typo [ci skip]
     82d79c9 Correct argument order
     6a5d9b4 Log change
     e7f746d Set key inheritance (foxes #535)
     21016c4 Cross-ref for \tl_set_from_file:Nnn issue [ci skip]
     bee9288 Change of plan on drawing point evaluation
     f4526d8 Change of plan on \draw_point:nn
     72044e5 Test file updates
     a557d99 Step release tag
     def96a5 Avoid keyvals in l3image
     83d2792 Add \str_log:n, etc.
     b9c346a Stray line
     4f0c371 review docs to mention e-type expansion where relevant
     01e5777 Update \sys_shell_get:nnN return value (see #538)
     8e1c26c Update \file_get:nnN return value (see #538)
     5423528 Use "noTF" markup [ci skip]
     d99621c Update \file_get_... functions to have TF versions (see #538)
     5cb2fdb Track unicode-math changes
     11793d3 Update `\ior_get:NN return value (see #538)
     3ffdfea doc typo
     35fd3ba Typos [ci-skip]
     5453b0e Use \cs in preference to verbatim [ci-skip]
     10e1164 Update coffin test file for global operations
     16d63c9 Document what \int_to_roman:n does beyond 5000 [ci skip] (fixes #540)
     f550aaa Fixed typos [ci skip]
     6c458c6 Move coffin affine transformations to stable
     5ee5041 Test file updates
     d0ea16b Test file updates
     bb9ef38 Remove experimental \tl_reverse_tokens:n
     314c4cc Test file update
     9e34f3a Log change [ci skip]
     f0c782f Test file updates
     13a3b54 Move \tl_count_tokens:n to stable
     616e501 add \NB and \begin{NOTE} to l3doc
     3dd7ed9 Typo [ci skip]
     6dc2d5f Complete emulation of e-type expansion when \expanded is not available
     9053824 Rename \token_get_..._spec:N to \cs_..._spec:N
     68baeeb Fix some markdown in CHANGELOG
     a2e6025 Add packages to support doc target in testing
     f21bcd7 Set up parallel doc target test
     c134adc More support packages
     3c32c34 More support packages
     1f51fde  missing dep
     b6508a3 Build docs for release code only
     3008c5f Expand the result of expandable messages
     ff26140 Use e-type expansion rather than home-brew version in l3fp
     dd6d03e Tweak some brace tricks to ensure braces remain always balanced
     e881c02 make travis more pretty
     614a3b8 No need for turning off deprecation in l3expan test files
     37a8a5e Add undo-recent-deprecation option, improve default deprecation errors
     d55607c Use l3sys year/month/day instead of primitives in l3doc
     971bb7b Stray "\end{macro}"
     ef6b3fc Update ctex test log with deprecation warning
     517fba8 Move GetIdInfo from l3bootstrap to l3file
     e7ab711 Typo (section level) [ci-skip]
     d3eede9 Stray \end{macro}
     cc5988b Suppress deprecation warning for normal users
     662ba02 Clarify life-cycle of deprecated commands and document every case
     bf3c69e Document some quirks of \int_eval:n [ci skip]
     a8e5934 Typo in "updated" date [ci skip]
     f4ce52b Instead of defining \color as a no-op when undefined, use a wrapper
     c669c55 Remove dead hyperlinks when TF explanation is not typeset (fix #477)
     1643cc8 Fix accidental markup
     7a2c2f2 Change font of @@ lines in l3doc (fixes #448)
     31b61e0 Keep track of \prevdepth after l3doc's \end{function} (fixes #488 and #511)
     ededa4d Deal with inherited keys before unknown keys (fixes #548)
     c0eb314 Markdown [ci skip]
     531eac5 Move \prop_count:N to stable
     7b0db04 Remove \skip_split_finite_else_action:nnNN
     96fe27c Keep a copy of \skip_split_finite_else_action:nnNN for xor [ci skip]
     ebc9b69 Add the factorial function fact() to l3fp (see #297)
     def884c Tighten up xparse doc [ci skip]
     d72fccd Reorder xparse sections a bit [ci skip]
     da53d9c Implement b-type argument for grabbing the body of an environment
     849fe75 Remove unused integer variable in xparse
     6817e4d Correct a test file
     d12e5cf In xparse, add reference to environ package and clarify nesting [ci skip]
     a32ff6e Update Changelog
     1d7bb24 Make \IfBooleanTF safer (check its argument is true or false)
     b77e027 Correct an xparse error message and clean up a few others
     7f0d1d8 Tweak internals of xparse environments to track environment name
     baf9bd4 Make IfBooleanTF error message be expandable
     4d8be5c Improve xparse messages, especially for environments
     ff73d78 Avoid second error for environment with too many args
     fc7c8ba Trim spaces at end of xparse environment names
     55fa39f Remove user-provided setup for xparse b-type arguments
     8c95a0f Document that xparse doesn't treat starred environment names specially [ci-skip]
     2a20c77 Store unknown keys when requested in all paths
     9a80794 Fix an xparse expandable error now that expandable errors expand
     ecd168c Step release tag
     1c05d79 Minor Changelog edit [ci skip]
     7f6ce85 Oops ... [ci skip]
     7d90c3a Document that the :nNn comparison functions are faster than :n [ci skip]
     f6eb0e7 Doc typo [ci skip]
     d0f44b5 More defensive code for \year, etc. (fixes #555)
     182b762 Used TL'19 for test files ... oops
     149d56c Correct a test
     b1c5227 Correct docs for \ior_get:NN
     cc02100 Add \ior_get_term:nN
     1b72df5 Correct a date
     cf2f7d6 Typo [ci skip]
     901e09f Step release tag
     509bf63 Move \tl_if_single_token:n(TF) to stable
     08054a0 ConTeXt no longer uses unicode table
     a855357 Tweak definition of kpse_find
     6a2dd16 Mumble [ci skip]
     4bd1741 Step release tag
     566d347 Split driver source into multiple files
     1bee782 Refine statement on driver stablity
     a1591c3 Better quote-correction
     afb9dd6 PDF structure no-ops for dvisvgm
     bec852b PDF object no-ops for dvisvgm
     2f308c7 Start on PDF link support
     c697503 Mumble
     29c420c First pass support for querying PDF minor version
     a6568af dvipdfmx PDF minor version is predictable
     45d82a8 Added date ...
     861829c Add PDF last link data access
     2454ef6 Test files
     7ba4d59 More test files
     a081917 Keep 'pdf' in link function names
     0184779 Last link should be 'ready to use'
     361afbf PDF minor version can be zero, so marker has to be -1
     e1b1d24 Grab link content at the driver level
     982908d PDF Annotation basics
     8dbe41d Better description
     76c37e2 Correct an internal name
     f4fef67 /Subtype /Link is compulsory
     4673550 Test file update
     67e86f9 Better object refs
     0f6a67c Various dvips link fixes
     657ae4f Slightly clearer names for PostScript functions
     9a6abc7 Test file updates
     55298d5 Test file updates
     135acc3 Keep PostScript changes in SDict
     9b238ce Test file updates
     5a6a992 Get last link working with dvips
     a5437c2 Support for link margins
     212cd72 Correct expansion of object ref.
     4216a71 Some cosmetic spaces
     e98931e Setting for PDF version
     6a8b814 Wrong sort of \Arg
     2391f1a dvipdfmx can set major PDF version
     135bcde LuaTeX from TL'18 onward can set PDF major version
     5b8000e Tidy some internal functions
     eb77750 Minimum height/depth for links
     ec0fc92 Defensive \global
     9d40df2 Split dvips link and annotation creation
     11a3042 Missing "\end[macro}"
     687b915 Tidy up indenting [ci skip]
     2a4182d Move some PostScript to header
     13cce3a Note on why the "[" PostScript syntax is not used
     5cbb835 Indenting [ci skip]
     962362e Store link dictionay in PostScript
     551e82d Reorder dvips link creation specials
     e7f1aee Typo
     ba90710 Correct PostScript functions
     0de28d2 Save data needed for link manipulation
     c725e7d some chk variants
     6c48657 chk box, int, skip
     0f0080e chk fp
     bfc5233 new \cs_use:N/c
     7e1cec7 tl_use remove check by default
     f6a5731 document \cs_use:N
     68010e3 seq, clist use: make check conditional on debug
     31f0bb5 chk test files
     415b165 improve doc around checking for :c variants
     01ed7db make/fix chk errors being expandable
     6073c7c missed a test
     440ca8e console differences in luatex
     e204c56 more chk console differences in luatex
     c5226e0 int test: new check, new message
     4f06d30 bruno-suggested improvements
     a380776 revert change to message
     c597d53 improve message
     7b21566 better tidying up
     5f9b1e7 small changes to other test files with msg change
     128c31a bruno-suggested improvements

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