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Sat Feb 3 09:32:49 CET 2018

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commit 8355915ea29d9dd50b3d0290359e7bffcc86e150
Author: Joseph Wright <joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk>
Date:   Sat Feb 3 08:32:49 2018 +0000

    Actually commit the l3build changes [ci skip]


 news/l3news11.tex |   73 +++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------------
 1 file changed, 29 insertions(+), 44 deletions(-)

diff --git a/news/l3news11.tex b/news/l3news11.tex
index 2ddc8e0..cc47ad7 100644
--- a/news/l3news11.tex
+++ b/news/l3news11.tex
@@ -165,50 +165,35 @@ retained, \emph{e.g.}
 \begin{macro}[int]{\l at expl@enable at debug@bool}
-\section{\pkg{l3build} updates throughout the year}
-\textbf{just a list of change notes, to be expanded and/or partially dropped}
-\item Retain test file name in .tlg files
-\item Normalise out paths for image files
-\item Macro support (regression-test.tex) updated such that
-  all macros are documented, with some used for LaTeX2e kernel
-  work removed
-\item New typesetsourcefiles variables
-\item Support for subdirectory structures in sources
-\item New variable \texttt{recordstatus} for included the output status of each test in the tlg file. This allows an easy way to check whether operations such as loading a package doesn't trigger an error message.
-Moved \pkg{l3build} to its own repository:
-\subsection{Release 2017-12-06}
-\item Normalisation extended to cover
-  register allocation and
-  \cs{show} applied to boxes
-\item New typesetruns variable
-\item Documentation improvements
-\textbf{.tlg files may be needed for this release}
-\subsection{Release 2017-12-12}
-\item Option \texttt{-t|--testfiledir} is removed
-\item New checkconfigs variable allows use of multiple test
-  configurations
-\item Support for complex layouts via docfiledir and sourcefildir
-  variables
-\item New hook for building demos when scripting is needed
+\section{\pkg{l3build} updates}
+Work on \pkg{l3build} has continued in parallel with \pkg{expl3} work, in
+particular continuing to develop features to allow wider use of the tool.
+Paralleling the move of the \LaTeX3 codebase to Git, \pkg{l3build} now has it's
+own separate Git repository: \url{https://github.com/latex3/l3build}. This will
+enable us to involve other developers in the Lua code required for the build
+system. At the same time, we have split the code into a number of small source
+files, again to ease development both for the team ourselves and for potential
+Another major change is that \pkg{l3build} can now retain the structure of
+source repositories when creating a CTAN archive. Whilst the team favor `flat'
+source set ups, other users prefer structures approaches. Most notably, this
+new \pkg{l3build} functionality means that it is now used to carry out
+\pkg{beamer} releases.
+The other major new feature is a new approach to multiple test set ups, which
+replaces the older \verb|--testfiledir| option. In the new approach, separate
+configuration files are listed in the main \verb|build.lua| script, and can be
+selected manually using a new \verb|--config| switch. This new approach allows
+complex test set ups to be run in a totally automated fashion, which is
+important for kernel testing.
+Some changes to the normalisation routines have been carried out, some to deal
+with upcoming \hologo{LuaTeX} changes, others to address aspects which show up
+only in some tests. This has required \verb|.tlg| updates in some cases: as far
+as possible, we strive to avoid requiring changes to the reference files.
 \section{Looking forward}

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